The goal of this website is to share with you some of the most profound and inspirational spiritual teachings. I believe we are all on a spiritual journey – whether we are aware of it or not. But without directions, this Path can be very confusing.

The spiritual journey is within, and to know something intellectually is not enough to achieve Enlightenment and Liberation, but it’s a good place to start.

Each spiritual Path is unique. However, learning from the experiences of others helps us in the exploration of our True nature.

We have forgotten our Real Self, and this knowledge is here to help us to remember it.

Ramana Maharshi once said: “Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

And it truly is the most important achievement because the ignorance of The Self is the real cause of all suffering.

On my Journey, I found that not only reading spiritual texts can be very helpful, but it is also very important to collect the most profound thoughts in the form of quotes to be able to re-read them as often as possible. This is a very good practice because we tend to forget what we read. Besides, some of these thoughts are so unusual to us that it takes some time before they really “sink in.” The more we contemplate them, the greater our understanding becomes.

You can find on this website many inspirational spiritual quotes that took many years to collect, and I hope you can harness all the uplifting power of the right thoughts. You are welcome to come back to re-read them as often as you like or if it is more convenient, copy the quotes that you find most inspiring and helpful to a text file or a notebook and use them when you need some encouragement. Strong positive thoughts have immense power and can influence our life for the better if we abide by them.

Besides quotes you will find here many important spiritual texts and eBooks for free. There are two options to choose from – you can read online in the form of a realistic 3D book or download a PDF file that you can read offline.

We’ve also created some inspirational videos with the most enlightening quotes to allow you to use them as a form of meditation and contemplation. I found that when quotes are paired with beautiful sceneries and peaceful music, they can have an even more profound effect on us. Videos are available in two different formats – one is optimized for desktops and TVs, and another is made for mobile devices.

I believe it is better to start with quotes to get familiarised with different teachings in a more condensed form, and it will help you to choose the works that resonate with you the most. Eventually, it is probably a good idea to read them all because each has its own “gems” of knowledge. Try to use intuition to decide in which order you want to read them.

We are doing our best to get all books mentioned here available for free to everyone and going to add more quotes and free e-books soon. All books are available freely, and you don’t have to give your email address to read or download them. Having said that, you are more than welcome to join our newsletter to get all the updates.

We are happy to see you with us!

Quotes from “Class lessons of 1888”

There is nothing higher than the attainment of the knowledge of the Self. Despising, rejecting all else, a wise man should strive after the knowledge of his real self.

All that man calls the world, is but the picture of his thought.

Quotes from “High Mysticism”

“The Highest and the Inmost are one”

the True Self, the Son of the Highest is joyous, strong, imperishable

We are all walled into chambers of imagery, taught Ezekiel.

Quotes From “The Gospel Series”

our body is Spirit. Our body is not material substance

The constant thinking of Truth brightens and glorifies the body. Each part of the body illuminates and glistens with Spiritual radiance and beauty. This it does more and more until the whole body is transparent as crystal and shining like the sun.

Free E-Books

The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom
The Game of Life and How To Play It
The Secret Door to Success

Vivekachudamani: Crest Jewel Of Wisdom

Fear not, O learned one, there is no death for thee; there is a means of crossing this sea of relative existence; that very way by which sages have gone beyond it, I shall inculcate to thee.

There is a sovereign means which puts an end to the fear of relative existence; through that thou wilt cross the sea of Samsāra and attain the supreme bliss.

s the bondage of man, which is due to his ignorance…

Quotes About Beliefs

Your life is out-pictured by the sum-total of your subconscious beliefs. Wherever you go, you take these conditions with you.

Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation

the basis of all healing is a change in belief.

Quotes From “Ashtavakra Gita”

that joy, supreme joy, and awareness is what you are, so be happy.

Your real nature is as the one perfect, free, and actionless consciousness, the all-pervading witness — unattached to anything, desireless and at peace. It is from illusion that you seem to be involved in samsara.

Quotes From “The Power Of The Spoken Word”

By following the super-conscious we attain the heights. In the intuition, are the pictures of eternal youth and eternal life, where death itself is overcome. We have the power to impress the subconscious mind with the picture of Eternal youth and Eternal life. The subconscious, being simply power without direction, carries out the idea, and we have our bodies transmuted into the body which can never die.

Quotes From “The Secret Door To Success”

Change your expectancies and you change your conditions.

Begin to act as if you expected success, happiness and abundance; prepare for your good.

Do something to show you expect it to come, active faith alone, will impress the subconscious.

Quotes From “Your Word is Your Wand”

In the Divine Design there is no limitation, only health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression.

Man’s word is his wand filled with magic and power!

Quotes from “The Game of Life and How To Play It”

The object of the game of life is to see clearly one’s good and to obliterate all mental pictures of evil. This must be done by impressing the subconscious mind with a realization of good.

When the subconscious is flooded with the perfect ideas of the superconscious, God and man are one.