Quotes from: “Scientific Christian Mental Practice”

Author: Emma Curtis Hopkins

Spinoza said, “I choose to know Spirit rather than to imagine matter.”
First There is no evil. Second — There is no matter.

“Turn unto Me, for why will ye die?” said the Spirit. Death is the reward of hard effort to live by material actions. If you will look into the Science of Spirit you will see that your life is meant to be sustained by the Science of God and not by the science of matter.

The principal point of truth is that satisfaction comes through Mind. Mind speaking truth through the lips, or thinking Truth consciously, can bring all the satisfaction to the world which the world is seeking.

God has a way of giving freely from His Mind words that will make alive.

He showed over and over again that the Word is a bread that will keep life in the body forever. “He that eateth of this bread shall live forever.”

our life needs no material or physical effort to keep it forever. It needs only the true Word of God.

It is the foundation thought, even in the minds of the insects. It is the GOOD.

The Good which you and I want governs everything we do. Therefore the Good which you are seeking is your God.

The Good which you are seeking created you.

“My Good is my God” has the power to set the mind to a key which is nearer to its normal tone than it is now thinking.

in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. He also said that out of the Word were all things made and without the Word was nothing made.

“I seek my Good. My Good is my God.”

“I am seeking my Good, and my Good is my God, because it draws and pushes and moves me on.”

“There is Good for me and I ought to have it.”

God, the Omnipotent Good, works through the word of Truth. Get to speaking the word of Truth from the first to the last statement, and God will be found working for you and through you, with almighty power.

there is Good for me and I ought to have it. Nothing can kill that unconscious feeling. It is indestructible. It is omnipotent.

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.”

You may name your Good as your free life. When you speak for yourself you speak for the world. It is the one chord to which, if you speak it, all nature will spring free. There will be no opposition to that truth when you speak it.

You can name your Good as free health. All nature will say “Amen!”, if you proclaim that the Good you are seeking is free health. Nothing wants its health interfered with, it wants unlimited health.

Sometimes when you say to the sick man, mentally, that the Good he is seeking is his God, and God is free health, he will get well in five minutes.

It is better for us to speak our own words, but if somebody opens the door for us it will teach us to open the door ourselves. That is, if we do not speak our words and so are not satisfied with Good, another may speak, and our satisfaction will come.

When we tell the lifeless plant that the Good it is seeking is its free life, and its Good is God, for God is its free life, we shall see the plant revive.

Another name of the Good we are seeking is strength. All things look for strength. They love strength.

If you name your Good as unlimited strength, you will feel free and strong at once.

Another name for God is support. God is your support. As you turn to the right or the left, you turn for sustaining. You breathe for support. You hope for support. Thus one name for your Good is support.

It is not Truth to say that man depends upon any kind of work for his support. His work is not the Good he is seeking. God does not work in the lie which a man tells when he says he is seeking work. He must tell the Truth and God will work for him.

Support is another name for substance. Plato and Spinoza both called God the substance of the universe. All metaphysicians have called God the One Substance. The one support that man is looking for, that will absolutely satisfy him, is that kind of support which will not fail him. Let him sit down alone and tell the truth about what kind of support he is seeking.

Let him tell the honest Truth — that he seeks for unlimited bounty. Nothing can possibly satisfy anybody short of unlimited supply. God is the idea of unlimited supply which men keep covered so deeply within their minds.

Jesus Christ said that all who learned His doctrine would have a hundredfold more possessions in this life.

“My support is my Good, my Good is my God, thus God is my support”

They need to say that their Good is Intelligence. This is a truth that will soon work out.

Good is God. God is Substance. God is Spirit. Therefore your supplies are to come from Spirit. Your supplies, coming from Spirit, are Spirit.

Another Good you are seeking is defense, protection. Another name of Good is defense.

Metaphysicians, in tracing the cause of evil conditions, have all agreed that fear of evil is the only evil.

Love, Life, Truth, Substance, Intelligence, are names of our Good.

Good is God, therefore God is Health.

Love is the Good we are seeking. Love is the highest name of God. Love is the fulfilling of the law. At the height of our spiritual teachings we find God covering us with love. We find ourselves loving all things and all people.

It is well to say that God is unbounded, unlimited love. God is our love. There is an instinctive seeking of all things for love. Love is another name for life.

“The Good I am seeking is Love.”

The heights and depths and splendors of Love have not been told. It is the name of God which Jesus Christ used.

Love, that is God, is eternal, infinite.

To expect Good and to be very definite in the mind that it IS coming, is to see it coming.

Many people would have their Good come instantly if they could name it, and have a clear idea of how it ought to be.

If you have a clear idea of how sweet life, free and unburdened, must be, look to this Science to bring you this life. And declare very plainly that sweet, free life is your Good. It will come streaming through you like the elixir vitae of the ancients.

If you think that health is Good, have a clear idea of how sweet, joyous health would feel. Name it as the name of Good. Have a clear idea of what is your Good. It will come and settle upon you. It will sift itself through you. It can be lapped up by all the little tongues of your system.

The word Good is the only word that can make all things.

The meekness of obedience is the mystery of Godliness.

Be definite when you give this statement of Good, which is the Statement of Being. Expect to see it work quickly. Truth is not slow. Truth is quick. With Truth, all is NOW.

All Truth is waiting for you to say plainly what is your Good.

The Good I am seeking is my God, My God is my Life. The Good I am seeking is my health, God is my health. The Good I am seeking is my strength, God is my strength. The Good I am seeking is my support, God is my support. The Good I am seeking is my defense, God is my defense. Life is God, Truth is God, Love is God, Substance is God. God is Intelligence, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. God is Life, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. God is Truth, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. God is Love, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. God is Spirit, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient.

The first words we will take with which to go to the Lord are statements of our Good. That is as high as we can think or speak. Have some special time to make the Statement of Being. This will make you a great thinker. The mind of God will think through you. The words of God will speak through you. The joy of God will sing through you. The skill of Spirit will work miracles through you. The judgment and beauty of God will inspire you. The love of God will melt the hard lot of mankind before you.

All the names of your Good which you can name are right names. Write down the names of your Good which you are seeking. Think over the names of the Good which you are seeking. Speak aloud the names of the Good you are seeking. That will be naming God. And such a practice will be manifested in your life. God is not slow to come into the life of him who acknowledges the Good.

God works only in Truth. All Truth is all God.

John, the wise disciple of Jesus Christ, said that without the Word nothing is made?

The metaphysical teaching calls attention to the law that if you tell the truth about your Good it will appear in your life.

Tell the absolute truth about your idea of Good. Is there any absence of it? Is there any mixture of evil with your highest idea of Good? Where do you keep your idea of Good? Do you hide it in your mind and never express it? How do you know how much light might break over you and brighten your life if you would let it come up from the hidden place in your mind —  your perfect idea of Good?

First There is no evil. Second — There is no matter.

Spinoza said, “I choose to know Spirit rather than to imagine matter.”

matter is the result of thinking that Good is absent. Matter is that appearance which results from steady silence as to what and where our Good is; we might say as to where and what the Good is upon which subject all mankind are so silent. We

Say that in your idea of Good there is no delusion. Very soon all matter will appear as delusion.

that all matter is delusion, built by belief in the absence of Good, which is evil.

The Truth that the Good belongs to us is greater than the idea that we might give our time, our labor, our life, and all we are to the Good, and still never satisfy it.

concluded. To persistently declare that there is no matter will dissolve material conditions. It will cause a swelling to disappear if you look at it and say that there is no matter. Whatever of matter seems most real to us is the first to disappear when we deny matter.

The regularity of the seasons results from the periodic habit that all the race mind has of sometimes feeling that its happiness or Good is interfered with, and then feeling that its Good is near and free again.

Some people keep on the mental strain of feeling that they do not have anything that they want at all. They feel neglected, unloved, burdened nearly all the time. It is such types of mind that make an external region of barrenness and cold. Let every such mind rise and refuse to hold the idea of absence as part of the way its Good deals with it, and the cold regions would soon disappear.

All the sacred books of the earth tell that God is Truth, and that Truth is God.

The bold second denial is that “There is no matter, all is Spirit.”

Spirit occupies the place that matter claims to occupy, therefore life occupies the place matter claims to occupy.

Spirit is pure Intelligence.

“There is no absence of substance,” it will not be long till you feel how unmixed with the miseries around you is your free Spirit. No matter what people seem to be doing they cannot draw you into their network. You live your free life in Spirit as a substance of reality, quite separate from their delusions.

The only cause for evil is the idea of absence. That is all the evil there is. The belief of apartness from Good is the foundation of the word evil. The idea of absence of Good had to be called something, so it was called evil. Ideas always make conditions. Thus the idea of absence, being named evil, finally made a host of phantoms of appearances called evils.

All reasoning has the effect of controlling the environment. Your whole life conditions change if you change your modes of reasoning.

Sensation is a faculty of Soul. Soul is God. God is Spirit, Mind. Thus sensation is a mental process.

“There is no sensation in matter.”

Socrates said that men act wrongly because they form erroneous judgments. When they learn right judgments they will act wisely and well.

there is nothing but Good, telling all things that there is one substance, and that is Spirit, only one life and that is God, only one mind and that is God.

there is no failure in One Life, One Mind, One Good, therefore there is no distinction of sex in God.

There is a reason why we ought to be well, intelligent, blessedly happy always.

We do not need to wait to be free. As God is free now, so we are free now.

God is Mind. Light is Wisdom. Mind perceives that Wisdom is Good. Mind understands the Good.

it is your nature to be happy and powerful in proportion to your ability to appreciate what is Good.

Prosperity is the acknowledgment, either consciously or unconsciously, of the presence of God.

“No God is the only presence, and tolerates no other nature in his realm but his own nature.”

The race religions have talked about one Word, somewhere in the universe, which contains all the potency of all denials and all affirmations. Jesus Christ used that Word, evidently, but only to the ears attuned to it was its tone clear enough to be heard by man. So, as nobody received it, he told them to repeat His Name. If you will repeat the name of Jesus Christ you will, step by step, come into His quality of mind. Then you will, step by step, become cognizant of the divine nature charging your being. You will feel a delight in your substance. You will see how the wisdom of God is your wisdom. You will see that your wisdom is God. But you will never realize this till you have given free vent, or clear passage, through your mind, for the powerful pressure of the God Mind to speak and think through.

“Thou knowest that I am not wicked, for thy hands fashioned me.”

“Thou knowest that in Spirit and in Truth I am not selfish, for thy thought sent me forth, thy mind thinketh my life, thy hands fashioned me.”

Anaxagoras, born in 500 B.C., said that matter is only the result of ideas. Soon after this he had to make an affirmation on the subject of matter as being absent, and Spirit as present. He said the force which shapes the world is not in the nature of matter.

Plato, a century later, found that evil is a way of believing and not omnipotent. This denial opened the way for him to affirm, “God is Goodness.”

He called flesh nothingness,

All are partakers of the Divine Mind in equal potency and might. If people cling to us it is because they have not learned to appreciate themselves.

If we have occupied our thinking mind with what we shall eat, drink, wear, and such subjects, we are in a dark state of mind. It is the Egyptian darkness. If then we begin to occupy our thinking mind with the subjects we call divine principles, we feel the glow of On High shining either suddenly or slowly over and through the mind.

We say our Good is Love. We do not mean the selfish clutch of some human being upon our time or attention, our body or our thoughts; we do not mean the clutch we sometimes feel upon the time and attention of some other human being. We do not mean the clutch we feel toward money, toward food, toward home, toward animals or friends. No, we mean the free, fine life of delight, that streams with kindness and mercy and gentleness and entrancing beauty through the universe, and draws, with its irresistible kindness, all things and all people to love it and feel its love.

write down just what you would like your body to do and be, and read it over at intervals. Read it aloud. By and by you will accomplish with your body exactly what you wish.

We are entirely built up and moved by our thoughts.

The Eastern mystic repeats the word “OM” by drawing in his breath and speaking the word twelve times. Then he holds his breath and repeats the word twenty-four times. Finally he feels that he himself is “OM”.

“In God I live and move and have my being”

There is a great intensifying of fine intelligence in the mind that stands up and identifies itself with its own understanding of God.

No word can express your understanding of God. You are it. Live in the second affirmation much, “I am my own understanding of God,” or this one, “All that God is, I am.”

“I am spirit, mind, identical with God, wisdom, strength, wholeness.”

“God works through me to will and to do whatsoever ought to be done by me.”

We are clothed and fed and housed and healed, we have all our blessings by our understanding. This is God. If we would have these marvelous works increased or perfected, we must intensify our understanding. This is being more of God. We may be all of God or we may be as little of God as we please.

“God works through me to will and to do that which ought to be done by me”

Your nature is God. Your possessions are power, wisdom, and substance.

There is a way to raise the dead instantly. There is a way to heal the sick instantly. There is a way to educate yourself in all art, science, and language instantly.

Moses said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters.” “Ment” means mind, from the Latin word “Mens.” We call a firm mind “Faith.”

“According to thy faith be it unto thee.”

You will strike the life key of the patient and he will live. Every man, woman, and child has a life key. You have the skill to touch it and turn him into free life.

We have a mental quality which can increase faith, so that the whole world does as we say.

There is a generation of faith, like the generation of electricity.

All the liberating of the inner fire within us to operate on the world without us, by laying hold of its substance, is the speaking of the God voice within us.

Miracles are nothing to the power of this faith or firmness, when it is once liberated in you by your firm holding out for the omnipotence of Good, for the omnipotence of the truth of Good, for the certain action of the principle of Goodness. This was so plain to Jesus that he said one grain of faith would move a mountain.

Faith is a self-increasing property,

Faith in Goodness will feed itself and increase itself in the same way, till we rise and work miracles by reason of it. We do not seem to handle our faith. It handles us. We become faith. We always were our faith. It is, in its intrinsic nature, God himself. So, one name for God might be Faith.

mind is as great as it has courage to affirm. This also will demonstrate in the life. “I will be Pope of Rome,” said a little boy, and he was. “How did you become so great?” they asked Sir Isaac Newton. “By intending my mind,” he replied.

An intention is a strong affirmation.

mind will certainly demonstrate as much greatness as it has courage to stand by its intention. It is not so much by what we do as by what we think that we stand by our affirmations or intentions.

Certain tones have power to shake rocks, to crumble walls, to lift weights.

“There is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth him understanding,” says Job.

This spirit in man is his God. The inspiration is his breath of God. The God within and the God without are united by breathing. But the external breath of air into the lungs is only a symbol, a hint of the true breath which right thoughts can give,

ascension, or the complete absorption of the mind and life in spiritual themes.

“I do not believe in a mixture of good and evil in the world, or in myself. All is Good.”

Notice the way these texts read: “Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.” “Immediately he received his sight.” “He lifted her up and immediately the fever left her.” “Immediately she was made straight and glorified God.” “And immediately he was made whole.” “And immediately I was in the Spirit.”

Here is a commandment of Solomon: “Keep sound wisdom and discretion: so shall they be life unto thy soul.”

God is your prosperity. God, the Most High, is your defense. God, the Absolute Good, is your friend.

Let me tell you the twelve effects of thinking of the Spirit: You will have life, health, strength, support, defense, thinking faculty, wise speech, ability to record well your ideas, joyous song, skill in carrying out your principles, beauty of judgment, and great love.

It is the Spirit that doeth all things. It is never anything else but Spirit that does all the good that is done. All the beauty of life, all the love of life, all the kindness of life, is of the Spirit. The Spirit is God.

Even in the daily life you can prepare the soil of your mind with a certain set of ideas which will go beforehand like a King’s Guard and cut out or down all the trials in your way.

agreement with the Spirit, by which Spirit is to do all things for us, and we do nothing for ourselves, our only relation to the perfect way being that we agree to leave ourselves entirely in its keeping. On this account, if you will make your covenant with the omnipotent, eternal Spirit, to do all things, and you will do nothing but trust it entirely,

It is heaven here and now without fighting or waiting any more for it.

If we do not write down our thoughts we leave out an important part of our way of shedding abroad our healing quality.

Moses refers in his statement of the principle that thoughts arrange and formulate outward conditions.

“Let the waters be gathered together in one place, and let the dry land appear.”

What we believe is written out on our bodies, and we cannot hide the handwriting.

It is certainly the Jesus Christ doctrine that we take no thought about what we shall eat, how it shall be prepared, where it comes from, what it costs, what we drink and wear, where they come from, how they are made, along with other subjects which interest the people who Zook to phenomena or material things. He would have us know all things, have all things, without trying to have them; and be filled with power without long practice in science or art, and so on through the list of worldly ways. It lies often to our choice how far we will undertake to follow Christ.

Thus our words are the outlet of our faith. Our words in the silence of our mind are as potent for good as our spoken audible words.

Jesus Christ taught the importance of the word. “By thy word thou art justified and by thy word thou art condemned.” “If a man keep my sayings he shall never see death.”

Thus the highest working power is the power to see that we have nothing to do.

We will see that our reasonings based on the premise of matter being real, are not enduring, as to the conditions they have made. If we have spoken of riches as being the possession of material things, and then reason why we should have riches, we are talking entirely of nothing. Riches are the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. All reasoning based on that premise is solid reasoning and will demonstrate in good symbols.

Swedenborg thought so much upon God that his face shone so that sometimes his servants were afraid of him.

Algazali, a Mohammedan, said that faith is the point of contact between God and man. Abraham joined himself to God by faith. Faith is God. Our substance is our faith. We have only so much substance in us as we have faith in the Good. We can control our destiny only so much as we have faith. We have the use of all faith. We can lay hold upon all the faith of God if we please.

“All things are possible to them that believe”

Very soon His disciples got so strong in faith that they wrought miracles. Those to whom they preached wrought great miracles also. For three hundred years there were great works of healing brought to pass by the Christians, then slowly the ministry of healing ceased.

cure. If I think the doctors of medicine are in great error because they think that healing is possible by the use of drugs, I stop some energy of the Spirit from being free through me. I am the one to tell the Spirit how free it may be, but the Spirit never acts through accusation. Doctors think the healing power acts through drugs, and you think the healing power acts through words. All the time that healing power is operating through that one who has confidence in the Good as health.

What is the phenomenal world? It is the unconscious mind of the world. What is the unconscious mind of the world? That which the conscious mind has made. What is the conscious mind? The thoughts we are aware of while we are speaking them. Our bodies are the register of past thoughts consciously thought. Bodies are machines which are going around with the affairs of our life mechanically. If we set them to the conscious tones of our true words, they will be quickly respondent.

There is the order, according to Christian Truth, to transform our bodies by renewing our conscious thoughts on the plane of Truth.

Some tell coffee and tea that they cannot make them nervous, and the coffee and tea became harmless.

The best way to fasten our scientific statements into our conditions is to give a reason why the scientific statements are true. Tell that in reality your body is Spirit, the coffee is Spirit, and therefore all it can do is to inform you of some new and sweet law of God.

They would look at a man who thought his food hurt him and mentally tell him that, being Spirit, nothing he could do could hurt him.

physical bodies were nothing at all pure unreality. Matter in every form was unreality. This is true. We are Spirit. We do not need to show material bodies at all. We may show only our spiritual body, which is our true nature. We may see all things as Spirit. This is our privilege now. As Spirit, which is Mind, we think what we please. In the Absolute we do not think anything about bodies, or matter, or affairs of earth.

The affairs of earth, as they show up materially, are nothing. The conscious thought that made them is nothing. Only by so much as we realize Spirit is there any substance to our thinking. Only by so much as we realize Spirit are all things real. Every realization of Spirit brings our bodies out from their unconscious machinery into their glorious reality and freedom.

Jesus always gave thanks before He wrought a miracle.

The soul is careless of money, careless of business, careless of bodily conditions, though it shines over these with beneficent prosperity to them. The doctrine of the soul is that while knowing all things, and doing all things, it is identified with nothing; it is absolutely free. To the soul there are no works to be done. Yet all works are done by the presence of the soul. The soul, as it is called, is the Divine “I” of each man, woman, and child. When it is prominent there is a radiation of power from the mind and character.

as Spirit our energy makes nihil of sin and sickness. We do not take the premise that our brother needs to be cured of swearing or stealing. We say he is free to do as he pleases. This takes off the burden of our heavy supposition, and he feels free to cease swearing and stealing.

“Stand thou in thy lot to the end of thy days. Stand and see the salvation.”

There is a state of mind in which, if we get into it, we shall see what Jesus Christ called “The Kingdom of Heaven.” There has always been a teaching in the world that there is a Kingdom of beauty and goodness near at hand.

He said to the Philistine, “Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield; but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.”

A young man in Japan, named Kurozumi Saki, in 1814, became very gloomy through complaining. Complaining and praising are two separate processes. They bring very different results. He had breathed in the spirit of gloom till he was in deep-seated consumption. Their theological term for gloom is “Inki.” He suddenly resolved to cease mourning. It was hard for him not to complain at first, but he was one who could hold to whatever he had made up his mind to do, and he began to praise everything and everybody. He went on for some years, breathing into himself an entirely different set of words. He began to be very cheerful. His consumption kept growing worse, but he did not heed it. He kept on praising everything he thought of. One night, just as he supposed he was breathing his last, but while he was praising the early rising sun, a sort of buoyant ecstasy seized him. His breath grew deep and electrifying. He straightened himself up from the ground, where he was prostrated on his face, and found that he had breathed into himself the elixir vitae, the vital breath of health. The Japanese call it “yoki,” the spirit of cheer. He was more than well. He was buoyantly quickened. His very breath was a healing vitality, if he breathed on deformed or dying people. His fame spread abroad into all lands. He was a miracle worker. There is an elixir in the words of Truth. Keep them going continually. They will change your entire life and change your powers. You are a miracle worker by inherent right. Give your soul the chance to do all your thinking, all your speaking.

A young Catholic priest in Germany, about two hundred years ago, was so buoyant and cheerful in spirit that when he spoke in a loud and authoritative tone of voice to a sick man’s disorder to disappear, and commanded health to appear, they obeyed him almost instantaneously. He would wet his finger on his tongue and make the sign of the cross over the sickness. The saliva on his finger was a symbol of erasure. The up and down stroke of the cross means that nothing has any evil power. The right and left stroke of the cross symbolizes that the Good now reigns. If they did not get cured at his first order, they did at the second or third. He was persistent to his own ideas. The howlings of the people did not disturb him. He lived his own life alone with the Spirit.

the quickest way for a Scientist to get his healing power going, I would probably say, “Praise everything and everyone in your mind, and as far as your mental convictions will demonstrate promptly, speak these praises aloud.”

There was one doctor who, it was reported, laughed his patients well. Everything they said and did amused him so that he laughed uproariously. Patients would get to laughing in spite of themselves. He would sit and roll up bread pills, or anything else that came handy, and tell the patient that he was more scared than hurt, that he was resting up a little and would be all right soon. He took many a seemingly dying man and laughed him back to life. Change the groove of the patient’s mind .

A great healer once said that he always kept his mind dwelling on the enchanting airs of summertime. He remembered how the chirp of grasshoppers and the far away song of birds and brooks sounded. Then he would feel the soft flakes of health. There is a faculty of your health whereby it loves to drop down into your mind and distill like the dew through your flesh.

You may breathe strength itself by talking to strength itself. The Holy Spirit is strength. God has given to the Holy Spirit all the strength of the universe. If you praise the Holy Spirit for this strength you will be surprised how it will take hold of you.

Now the Christ Mind thinketh no evil, is not puffed up, is not angry, is not vain, is not critical, is full of praise. Here again we come by another line of thinking right upon the same idea of praise which has made so many healers successful. Also I will call your attention to the fact that after a short time vain or critical or proud thoughts seem to stop the healing power of those who at one time were quite strong workers.

“Whoever undeluded knows Me as the Supreme Spirit, worships Me in all forms.” In other words, “Letting forms remain, opposing nothing, but nowise deceived, recognizes Me in all people and in all things.” This is another way of saying that Spirit is the only substance.

If one becomes spiritually minded he loses his taste for certain kinds of food. Seeing this, the Zoroastrians proclaimed that all men should abstain from those foods. They mistook an effect for a cause. They tried for a long age of time to prove that fasting from food would make people spiritual. It never did, for material actions are not the cause of Spirit. The reverse is the way of the law.

Those appearances feed and grow fat on our feeling badly about them, and talking and thinking about them as something that can hurt or disturb us.

Do not allow yourself to believe that a man or woman, a child, or an object, hides evil but appears good,

The second strength is the strength of youth, the strength of fearlessness. It comes to you by always believing everything is good which seems good, and that everyone is good who seems good. Do not think tobacco hides a poison, do not think rum hides a sting. Do not think that anyone who is kind to you, or whom you love or respect or enjoy the society of, or who looks kind or good, is bad, no matter who tells you so, or what interior feeling you have that they are. Let your conscious thoughts and words be according to the Good. This will give you a young and fearless look in the face, and keep your vigor. Childhood and youth never believe in bad where good seems to be.

Youth is kept by refusing to believe evil of people or things. Not believing evil takes out the sting of what seemed to be evil.

Nothing widens and beautifies character like a trained mind. Nothing trains the mind like the daily reiteration of noble propositions of Good and Truth.

Many a case has been cured by mentally saying “No” while people were talking of ills. At any rate, it is nothing from beginning to end. As it is to Spirit, so it should be to you. It is nothing.

Sometimes you think so rapidly that it seems more like feeling than thinking. Many people will say that they did not utter any words, and yet their cases were cured, because they felt such a strange hot rush pass through them. This rush of feeling came because the words they had been speaking were just ready to work, and they worked fast.

all healing is done by ideas and by nothing else.

You do not need symbols — you do not need carriages in order to carry your ideas to people. Ideas will go and light wherever you send) them.

In many new and unexpected places gold suddenly appears. It came because somebody said, “There is plenty of gold for everyone.” He did not think that the plenty was right in his own hands. He thought it was afar off somewhere. So, afar off, in a remote spot, the gold was born. What is wanted is a doctrine of NOW and HERE. You must take up this Truth in a stronger fashion than it has ever been taken up before, with the idea of Now and Here.

“The Lord will provide” is as much Scripture teaching as, “The Lord is thy Healer.”

Spirit owns all things.

We say the man is healed. We do not beg for the man to be healed.

In the Buddhist temples they have been striking on the sounding rims of great bells for generations, crying, “0 let the good come.” There is such a pathetic intimation in this prayer that the good is not already here that it is no wonder the good has never appeared in the way they wish. They ought to name in certainty what good is already here. That will cause the good to appear, for indeed health is already in our midst, so we may say it is well. The good is in our affairs, and if we tell the truth about them, it will exhibit. We make nothing by our words; we only exhibit what is already made. Therefore Jesus said, “Pray as if ye had already received.” Of course we have already received, and why should we not be truthful and say so? Through truth the good is visible. Good waits for truth. Good will not show you good health, good strength, good provisions, good life, except through the glass of truth. Do not expect answers to begging prayers.

You are to write your truth and not be diverted from writing what you know.

Here is the science of happiness and bliss. Its truth is written in beautiful letters, clear and bright, and legible like the angles and facets of the beryl stone of Revelation. Why does no one read off its easy directions, so that “There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.”

I am not deceived into believing in you as diseased. You have not inherited the formulations of deception. You have inherited Truth only. You have not been deceived by a race mind formulating deceptions around you. You have not been deceived by people around you formulating disease by the falsity of their beliefs. You have not formulated self-deceptions. You have not formulated deception between yourself and me. I do not believe in the formulations of deception either by mesmerism, magnetism, psychology, auto-suggestion, or hypocrisy. I believe only in the clean handwriting of God on every part of your mind, and standing forth from every part of your body. You are now showing forth perfection through every manifestation of your being. You have heard the Truth of God. You express the Truth of God. I see through you, and in you, and by you, perfect health throughout. You are every whit whole. You are therefore ready now to acknowledge that your health is perfect. You acknowledge it to all around you, to yourself, and to me, now. In the name of Jesus Christ I pronounce you healed now and forever, Amen.

Jeremiah’s information that a man’s word is his only burden

proclamation of Jesus that by our words we are justified and condemned

All evil is blamed to sin, but sin is only a mistaken idea of life, a mistaken idea of who you are, and what world you live in. This is all the sin you or anybody ever committed. You made your mistake in mind, and have lived out that mistake. This Truth erases that mistake. Then your life is free from the cause of its suffering and trouble.

If we do not like the world we live in, then we do not like our thoughts. This is discord.

There are thoughts which we can love greatly while we think them. They make conditions which we love. This is harmony.

It is said of elephants that they sometimes, in eastern countries, fight shadows on the rocks and beat themselves to pieces. Thus our missionaries and philanthropists, fighting the huge shadow of belief of somebody doing great wrongs in the universe, lie down with the feeling of how gigantic the monsters are who have the poor world in their jaws.

Isaiah pictures that peaceable kingdom where the wolf and the lamb, the calf and the young lion shall lie down together; and the child shall play with the serpent, and the sting of all that seems to be hurtful shall be removed.

“Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” The lamb is meekness, and the lamb is not suspicious. The lamb trusts to your goodness. The Lamb of God is Jesus Christ, who condemned none, forgave all, suspected none, believed in no evil, feared nothing, loved everything. Therefore He healed instantaneously.

Deny contagion of sin. Fear nothing from suggestion of evil. “There shall no evil touch thee,” “Thou shalt be hid from the scourge of the tongue.” Deny the personal sin. “Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents.” Deny that you ever wronged anyone, for in you is God only.

If anyone tells you of there being a principle of evil, deny it. If anybody tells you of there being a Satan, deny it.. If anybody tells you of there being a fall of man from his God estate, deny it. If you read of sin, deny it. You must not have a poor opinion of yourself. Your substance, your intelligence, your nature is God.

Religious teachings at their best have no pain in them. They have living Good.

When you see someone who seems to be selfish, what will you say? You will say, “Spirit never formulates in selfishness.” Or you will say, “Truth never expresses in selfishness.” And you will be sure to say, “I do not accuse myself or my world of selfishness.”

Why do you say, “I do not accuse myself of selfishness”? Because every person you see is the expression of your own traits of character.

“Who shall save us from our sin save he that seeth no sin in us?” If we punish sin by any other method then denying its reality, we make it more manifest than ever. So the Jesus Christ method of a blameless life, free from condemnation, peaceable, forgiving, mild, gentle, unpretentious, all the time shedding a fine radiance of inner light abroad, is the only way of setting free from sin. If you have a steady habit of thinking high thoughts, your presence will be helpful to people.

It was said of Socrates, you remember, that his presence, even without speaking, would regulate a man’s judgment.

I know and you know that there is no work to be done. Does God work? Is not all finished in God? Yet this very saying that there is no work to be done, gives us the appearance of accomplishing miracles, because as the signs of the heavenly estates appear they push the earthly estates aside. The rolling of the earthly conditions away looks like activity. It is really the rest of God. Have you ever watched a star come into sight on a summer evening? It was there all the time, in solemn repose, but as the night deepens the star seems to be shot towards you. At first it is startling. Thus with the last day of earth. The heavenly land swiftly speeds into our sight, the earth rolls aside her curtains.

The joyous heart is a healing presence.

Solomon said, “The merry heart doeth good like a medicine

“I have never accused the world or myself of sin — all is Good.”

You are not covered with formulations of sin; therefore you are not diseased, You have not received an inheritance of sin in disease. You came forth from God. You are not surrounded by a race of sin; you are surrounded by God. You do not hear sin, see sin, feel sin, fear sin, from anywhere; therefore you are free in purity. There is no gathering of the consequences of sin around the Spirit; therefore you are free from the consequence of sin. You have not gathered your own sins together in disease. You are free from disease. There is no cause for disease in Spirit. I do not lay any burden of belief in my own sinfulness upon you. The sins of carnal mind I do not believe in. I do not believe in selfishness. I do not believe in envy. I do not believe in jealousy. I do not believe in revenge. I do not believe in cruelty. I do not believe in the outshowing of these claims against mankind. I believe mankind is God and God is mankind, without sin, sickness, disease, or death. Therefore your life is Good, and cannot be threatened with death, nor yield to death, nor fear death in any part of your being. Your health is God, and cannot be threatened with disease, nor fear disease, nor yield to disease in any part of you. Your strength is Good; it cannot be threatened with weakness, nor fear weakness, nor yield to weakness in any part of you. You are ready to acknowledge that you are healed. You say this freely to all, to yourself, to me, now. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, I pronounce you every whit whole.

The tenth stone is the chrysoprasus, which is described as “of quartz, a variety of chalcedony, apple green in color and sometimes used as a gem.” It is the color that stands for the true earth. It is the Heavenly City that descends. It is the bride, the Lamb’s wife. The green fields and white gleaming mountains of Paradise are the new land into which we set our feet, if we have polished the ninth stone of our foundation, the topaz of harmony between our thoughts and our outer world.

All the world, and our close family relations, are Good beyond good.

You reason his ideas right out of his mind. It is very much like ungluing them. His ideas fall all to pieces, and there is nothing left of them.

“God lives in me in His strength and glory, He lives in me as my strength divine. By the light of His love I read life’s story, And the key of the world is mine.”

Faith stands near. You know she can do anything. She can raise your hopes to highest heaven. She can fulfill your slightest wish. She is warming, strengthening, comforting.

Do not speak to any person mentally; speak to God. It is God who is Good. “There is only one Good and that is God,” said Jesus Christ.

taking our mind away from the earthly things entirely, fixing it upon heavenly themes, so that our world, with which we in particular deal, may show here and now that our practice of joy is being responded to by our world.

Jesus Christ told His disciples that they could not cure epilepsy except they prayed so earnestly that they forgot to eat. We often see Scientists leave their cases, and leave their important work, for the sake of their dinner, or their beds, when it is evident that, if they do so, their whole interest is not devoted to their doctrine. There is such a thing as forgetting all about everything, because you are so absorbed in your doctrine. You do not do this all of the time, but you surely do some of the time. Jesus said there were cases which would not yield till after we had been absorbed just so powerfully.

I do not believe in evil. I believe in Good. I do not believe in poverty. I believe in the bounty of God. I do not believe in sickness. I believe in health for all the world now. Amen.

In the Andover Review for June, 1889, you may read of an aged man who went through the most extraordinary experiences, at the command of people he thought were superior beings. His faith was so simple that it held his life unhurt, springing from pinnacles, or diving under seas.

The Japanese have a teaching that the divinity within your own soul may set aside the question of God, and by faith in itself work all the miracles ever thought of.

What veil is before your own judgment? I will tell you. It is your persistent habit of detecting ignorance and stupidity in people, and wailing about your own stupidity and ignorance. If you have seen that you did not know something, you have called yourself ignorant. If you have seen that somebody else did not know what you thought they ought to, or failed to be quick enough to please you, it was on your tongue, or in your mind, that they were either foolish or ignorant. It is the fall of man. It is all the fall there is.

“I do not accuse the world or myself of foolishness or ignorance; therefore, I see clearly the prosperity of my new life now.”

The Brahmins had a teaching which read: “So dwell on the highest thoughts; this is the life of the awakened.”

The perfect in judgment are perfect in beauty. The beauty of Jesus Christ is because of His judgment.

There is one universal Mind which is the perfect intelligence from whence all ages of men draw their stock of intelligence. Man may draw all this intelligence for his own use and not decrease it at all, as he might know all mathematics, and his neighbor might know all, and all the town might know all of mathematics, and not rob each other, nor exhaust mathematics.

The strong man says “I can!”. The strong man says “I will!” The wise man says “I know!” The perfect man says, “I know what to do, and I am able to do it, therefore I will do it.”

Declare, “I know all things. I can do all things.”

“I never accuse the world, or myself, of foolishness or ignorance. I am the judgment of God. I know all things and do all things well.”

Buddha says, “A fool does not know when he commits evil deeds.”

The ancient Bible taught that it is good to tame the mind, which is difficult to hold in and very flighty, rushing whither it listeth, but once tamed it will bring you great happiness.

Now we will speak to the case by name: You are not the result of inheriting foolishness and ignorance. You inherit the wisdom of God, your Father. You are not surrounded by a foolish and ignorant race. You are surrounded by the wisdom of God. Your daily associations do not burden and darken you by the weight of their foolishness, or the darkness of their ignorance. All is wisdom, from which you draw wisdom every moment. You do not weigh down your own mind with wilfulness in thinking evil. You know no weakness or failure of any part of your being. You are the spiritual light that cannot fail. I do not persist in thinking of you as faltering or feeble in any part of your being. I see you as strength, freedom, light. Your strength is Good, and cannot be threatened with weakness, or yield to weakness, in any part of your being. Your life is Good. It cannot be threatened with death in any part, nor fear death, nor yield to death. Your health is of the Spirit and cannot be threatened with disease and sickness, nor fear disease or sickness, nor yield to disease or sickness in any part of your being. You are ready to acknowledge to all around you, to yourself, and to me, that you are every whit whole. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, I pronounce you healed, now and forever. Amen.

Love is stronger than death. He that hath love hath freedom from every ill. He that hath abundance of love, wherewith God fills the whole universe, can save his friends from every ill.

Having love we have life, so we radiate life. Having love, we have strength, so we radiate strength. Pure love for a child will save the life of a child; so the life of all is saved if a man loves God, for God is all.

Jesus loved God. Thus He had all of life, all of love, all of truth, all of substance, all of intelligence, all of beauty, all of health, all of inspiration. He, therefore, saved the whole world. Even to look at Him would cure, when He was manifest in the flesh. He, never having gone away from our side, we can look upon Him now, and be cured of whatever ailment we cry about. Some people cry with lonesomeness. He will cure that entirely, if they look upon Him. Looking at Him mentally is the way we look nowadays, though it is certain that some people even in this century have seen Jesus, the Healer, as present before them as He was before the two Marys at His tomb.

Whoever gets into the state of overflowing unquenchable love is manifesting Jesus Christ. He sees no evil in anybody or anything. He sees their Good only. He receives no injuries at anybody’s hands. He rejoices at everything that occurs. Everything has a light and a life and a joy and a renewal of pleasure in it for him, which nothing that happens to him can destroy.

accusation would make somebody come to you looking sick and unhappy. Well, a joyous praise, felt in your heart, will bring somebody well and grateful to see you.

Carlyle says there is a higher condition than happiness. He calls it blessedness. But blessedness and true happiness are identical terms.

The effect of praise of the spiritual intelligence is to bring beauty and good judgment to view everywhere.

There is a story of a child who kept a picture of a beautiful woman in her room and looked at it and talked to it so much that she became like the picture. A young woman found an ideal face of Jesus Christ, and carried it around with her. She looked at it and loved it so much that her face began to resemble the face of Jesus Christ remarkably even to the fine shining light which always transfigures it when we think of it. Ingratitude is a painter of hard lines on the face. Soon all the curves and smiles will change. We must have a grateful feeling towards everybody and everything. In the story of “The First Violin,” by Jessie Frothergill, the hero, who was supernaturally handsome, is pictured as always grateful for everything that anybody did.

When we love greatly, love supremely, we see nothing to do; and finished, beautiful life satisfies us, everywhere we walk. Like the clear innocent amethyst, we let the happiness of the Divine Mind sift its innocent light through us.

Money is a symbol of the riches of God, the bounty of God.

It is recognized good that makes us good enough to show goodness.

When you see health, peace, prosperity, everywhere, you are in the absolute Mind of God.

practice every Saturday afternoon praising your world, telling you are satisfied with it, describing it as the perfect creation of Divine Mind, you will soon see more good than you have been accustomed to seeing.

Sometimes it is wise to say that everything we see, hear, smell, taste, feel and think, delights us, we are satisfied utterly. This is breaking the barriers down.

Jesus Christ’s instructions: “Behold, I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it.” “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My throne.” “I in you.” “That where I am there ye may be also.”

By the spiritual law you have no bars put anywhere to your expansion. The love of harmony within you may be fed with harmony itself, till the great masters are left far behind.

The wisdom within you is the love of wisdom. Feed it by sight of wisdom itself, and your wisdom will expand and multiply to the omniscience of God.

Jesus Christ said: “God is within you,” and “I am within you.”

Zoroaster said, “Taking the first step with good thought, the second step with good word, the third step with good deed, I enter Paradise.”

Spirit does not need to go to school. It knows all things. If we speak and think from the Spirit, we are also wise without schools. The Spirit does not need commandments not to lie or steal. It is out of reach of commandments. The Spirit does not need to be told to be Good. It is above even goodness. The goodness that man deals with is badness under some circumstances. For instance, you can hate stealing so much that your goodness in not stealing is no virtue at all. It is a very subtle form of badness.

It is as much bondage to be tied to an idea as to a stake.

The ancients advised people to breathe outward, to entirely empty their lungs of breath, and then draw in the breath with some affirmation of Good. Then, when they breathed out. ward again, they would only have a healing breath going through their bodies and affairs. The breath, they said, is vitally connected with our happiness.

The reality is understanding. Understanding is formless, but it formulates. This is very metaphysical.

“My understanding has no form, but it formulates me and my affairs. I have no affairs and no substance except what my understanding formulates.”

“While knowing all things and doing all things, I am independent of all things. I am absolutely free.”

The word of the Spirit is eternal life. There is no old age in Spirit.

If you are afraid to do anything because somebody might not like it, you are tied to their ideas. You must do as it is right to do because you are pleased with the right,

“I am satisfied with the world in which I walk. All things please me. Near me is the presence of Good and afar off is the Good. You are all creations of the living God, perfect, harmonious, satisfying.”

A good disposition through and through is a happy disposition, and a happy disposition will cure anything. A happy disposition, mixed with scientific words, makes a quick understanding of how to speak mentally to a sick or unhappy being, and bring him instantly out into the right state.

“He who hath led me to this way, Still on the way will show. He who hath taught me of this way, Still more will make me know.”

You are a perfect creation of the living God, spiritual, harmonious, fearless, free. You reflect all the universe of Good. From every direction, everywhere, come words of Truth, making you know that you are free, wise, and happy. You are satisfied with the world in which you live. You show forth to the world health, wisdom, peace. You show to me perfect health in every part of your being. You are fearless, free, strong, wise, and able to do everything that belongs to you to do each day. God works through you to will and to do that which ought to be done by you. You are a living demonstration of the power of Truth to set free into health and strength for living service to the world. You acknowledge to the world that you are every whit whole. You acknowledge to yourself, and to me that you are well and strong and alive through and through. God is your life, health, strength, and support forever. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, I pronounce you well and strong. As God saw the works of His hands Good, so I see you Good. All is Good. Amen.

Quotes From “Ashtavakra Gita”

that joy, supreme joy, and awareness is what you are, so be happy.

Your real nature is as the one perfect, free, and actionless consciousness, the all-pervading witness — unattached to anything, desireless and at peace. It is from illusion that you seem to be involved in samsara.

Quotes From “The Power Of The Spoken Word”

By following the super-conscious we attain the heights. In the intuition, are the pictures of eternal youth and eternal life, where death itself is overcome. We have the power to impress the subconscious mind with the picture of Eternal youth and Eternal life. The subconscious, being simply power without direction, carries out the idea, and we have our bodies transmuted into the body which can never die.

Quotes From “The Secret Door To Success”

Change your expectancies and you change your conditions.

Begin to act as if you expected success, happiness and abundance; prepare for your good.

Do something to show you expect it to come, active faith alone, will impress the subconscious.

Quotes from “The Game of Life and How To Play It”

The object of the game of life is to see clearly one’s good and to obliterate all mental pictures of evil. This must be done by impressing the subconscious mind with a realization of good.

When the subconscious is flooded with the perfect ideas of the superconscious, God and man are one.

Quotes from “Class lessons of 1888”

There is nothing higher than the attainment of the knowledge of the Self. Despising, rejecting all else, a wise man should strive after the knowledge of his real self.

All that man calls the world, is but the picture of his thought.

Quotes from “High Mysticism”

“The Highest and the Inmost are one”

the True Self, the Son of the Highest is joyous, strong, imperishable

We are all walled into chambers of imagery, taught Ezekiel.

Quotes From “The Gospel Series”

our body is Spirit. Our body is not material substance

The constant thinking of Truth brightens and glorifies the body. Each part of the body illuminates and glistens with Spiritual radiance and beauty. This it does more and more until the whole body is transparent as crystal and shining like the sun.

Quotes from: “Resume”

Faith without works does not exist. Faith always works. It stirs boldness, confidence, to dare the seemingly impossible.