Quotes from “High Mysticism”

Author: Emma Curtis Hopkins

“Thou canst not behold Me with thy two outer eyes, I have given thee an eye divine.” —  Upanishads.

“The Highest and the Inmost are one,” declared the two great mystics, Behmen, and Hugo of St. Victor.

So eagerly did the untaught seers of the past long to have this immortal faculty find its rightful direction, they willingly practiced mortifications of the body, denied self, affections as well as appetites, to give it freedom. But it asks no such sufferings on the part of the mind or body to give it power to tame and glorify them. It asks only their will that it go homeward.

Had the eye been lifted to the mountains of help in earlier days, he would have transfigured and renewed his flesh, instead of leaving it to the moth and the sod.

“I have given thee an eye divine with which to behold My power.” — Upanishads.

“Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”

And though the king of Syria had sent soldiers to slay the lonely prophet, they were not able to hurt him, for mystic defense transcends the sharpest swords.

All the forces of the universe cooperate with vision toward beatific ideals.

Maxwell watched the fleet, ethereal light which he discovered filling all quarters of the universe, and he declared that by watchful use of it the ailing among mankind might all be made whole.

and strength in perpetuating their doctrines, has depended upon the uplift they have given to the hidden eye whereby the mind receives elation or depression.

Socrates came not to teach any positive doctrine, but to convince man of the ignorance of his mind. His highest science got no higher than that men act wrongly because they form erroneous judgments. Upon being told that he was the wisest man, he said it probably was true, for he knew enough to know that he knew nothing, while no one else seemed to know that much. The ignorance of a man’s mind is a dark zone to fix the all-collecting eye upon. No joyous inspiration fulgurates from that Ethiopic field.

By the uplift of the inner eye toward the countenance of Him that weareth these garments, the two outer eyes are baptized with high altar fires to see the glowing land of splendor through which we ever walk, the finished work of One who saith, “Behold Who hath created.”

As the mystically opened eyes behold the everywhere-completed splendor, the shadows of disorder are not remembered.

“Keep your eye on the Eternal and your intellect will grow. Honor and fortune exists for him who remembers that he is in the presence of the High Cause.”

“He is by Himself, yet it is to Him that everything owes existence. Becoming eye-witnesses, behold Him, and in beholding be blest. He is not light, but the Cause that light is. He is not mind, but the Cause that mind is. Nor spirit, but the Cause that spirit is. Let us lay hold of the Beginning, and we shall make way with quickness through everything. For the spectacle hath something peculiar; those that shall attain to the contemplation, it detains and attracts as the magnet stone the iron. But now as yet we are not intent upon the vision. So many men are body devotees they can never behold the Vision of the Beautiful. Why, 0 men, have ye given yourselves over to death, having power to partake of immortality?”

“Returning to the Root means rest. He who regulates his attitude by Him will become one with Him.

This subtle faculty, swifter than the fleetest thought, being steadfastly rested upon any unknown point, can bring back to the waiting mind all the facts that pertain to the resting place.

It is the lifting up of this sense out of the network of materiality, the wheel of incessant grind, that takes man above his disasters and difficulties.

“Thus shall all the bodily world become free from old age and death, from corruption and decay, forever and ever.” — Vendidad.

Therefore exalt Him and He shall shed new light upon thee, and upon all the inhabitants of earth. For by the obedience of one shall many shine forth.

looking up, He multiplied food, and walked upon the waters.

“And Jesus looking up, … cried with a loud voice, Lazarus come forth,” and the dead arose. — St. John 11.

“with right glance and right speech a man superintendeth the animate and inanimate.”

till all the world looks up and draws down authority to unseal their limitations.

Ahmi Yot AhmiI AM THAT I AM. 

The Spanish mystics urged mankind to look a thousand times an hour toward the Vast, Vast Countenance that shineth as the sun in his strength.

“Look unto Me, and be ye saved”

The mind is not capable of bringing anything to pass except it be transfixed by inward visioning. Inner vision is the vital essential to the mind. When this faculty is exalted, the mind quickens with original ideas and has high instructions.

“Look up to the fields white for the harvest.”

They have not been seeking liberation from bondage, they have only been seeking His face, according to the Sacred Edict, “Look unto Me”

High First Cause, “not life but the Cause that life is.”

evil lets go its claims only when the Dayspring from on high drops its dewy sunshine into the heart;

If the vision be on high, where the illimitable skies in untrammeled buoyancy shine chastely down, purity of moral tone and flawlessness of body are manifest.

The original Self, denuded of its crass teguments, forgets its history in matter. The former earth is forgotten. It does not come into mind any more.

“I will show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”

“Thou canst not behold Me with thy two outer eyes; I have given thee an eye divine.”

“My Father is greater than I, was the upward-calling statement of Jesus; and His eye being ever toward the Divine Original, He was ever Master of life.

The dissolving alkahest, the gentle grace that falls down over the track of the vision, has been praised by the sages of the ages, for there is surcease of world pain in its white softness: Behold the gentle Neutral that taketh away the mistakes of the World.

It is the passing of these five shadows that has caused the five great shouts of liberty,

1. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is no evil on my pathway. 2. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is no matter with its laws. 3. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is no loss, no lack, no absence, no deprivation. 4. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is nothing to fear, for there shall be no power to hurt. 5. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is neither sin, nor sickness, nor death.

“There is no man that hath power over the Spirit,” said Solomon,

After years of austerity and singleness of eye, the Hindu mystic finds that the Deity who looketh toward us, saying, “Look unto Me,” is not Spirit, for Spirit arises in opposition to matter, and the Deity is above distinction. He notes that he only who perceives the Lord as Differenceless, goes to the Supreme End.

Only by the study of the Uncontaminated One that inhabiteth Eternity shall unspoilable wholesomeness laugh in the substance of living creatures. Only His way upon the earth is the saving health of the nations.

The sons of the Tao know that neither if they eat are they the better, nor if they eat not are they the worse.

“I will turn to the people a pure language.”

Steadfastly looking for high news, Origen finds that “evil has no substance.” Plotinus, on the same quest, becomes aware that “matter is nothing.”

Isaiah, greatest of the seers, finds that “All nations before him are as nothing, and they are counted unto him as less than nothing.”

Their accepted formula has not been that the world is divine, and all things are God, but the world is nothing — the Lofty One inhabiting Eternity is The Alone — The All.

“I will lead thee by a way that thou hast not known.” “The people shall not say, I am sick.” “They shall not see death.” “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

the Omnipotence through all things that binds them all in such sympathy. The crawling worm is brother to the archangel, in the fact of his central spark being God. And wherever remission is experienced, there is the miracle of the creature divinely transcending environment.

The free, wise, immortal center of man is the begotten of God. Only this uninjurable and shining principle is offspring of I AM THAT I AM.

There is no respect of persons on the high watch.

The ordinance of the Highest, “Look unto Me,” requires an individual practice.

Parmenides learned that the phenomenal world with its origination and decrease, multiplicity and diversity, is nonexistent and illusion.

Vedic hymn: “Destroyed is the knot in the heart; Removed are all doubts; Extinct are all the hidden longings, Upon beholding Thee.”

“0 hither wafting breath of strength In Brahmic ether’s keeping! Man may wax stronger day to day By the mystic way of reaping.”

The Breath of Brahma was what Job was volitionally inhaling till it healed his mind of grieving and his bones of soreness. Inspiration, or inbreathing of the air-encompassed Ghost, or heavenly Breath, is sure healing of the mind of man; sure transforming of his thinkings; sure healing of his body throughout all its flesh and bones; sure healing of his affairs also; but who is found indrawing winds his nostrils take no note of, gazing towards a hither-wafting white breath his outer eyes see not? But truly, such only are those revivingly healthy among us who have learned that the healing breath never faileth, changeth never, abideth forever in miracle-working competence exactly as Job reported: “The breath of the Almighty giveth me life.”

the star called “Wormwood” — ware-mood, the mind-preserving principle — wraps the conscious mind in sane security. The mind is forgiven its suggestibility to foolishness and ignorance. It is gathered to unsuggestible Illumination, Jehovah-tsid-kenu. Hitherto all healing has been directed for the body’s benefit or for the lightening of hardship. Now it is that the mind no longer thinks, “I walk on the earth, or on the floor.” The mind is cured of such thinking. It gives way to the sight of that foundation under our feet that is God Eternal. The mind is cured of thinking, “I put my head on my pillow.” It gives way to seeing underneath the God arms everlasting. The mind no longer thinks “I breathe common atmospheres.” It gives way to glad discovery, “The Spirit of God is in my nostrils,” and “the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.”

We always become like those with whom we associate.

Iamblichus noted that certain men had taken on majesty and superhuman accomplishing powers from constant association with the powerful gods.

Associate with the alkahest and its remitting absoluteness is ours.

The third star was Wormwood, or the tonic of divine contagion. “Repent, for the remission, and ye shall feel the contagion”

It has been prophesied that by associating with angels, man shall know new music, new architecture, new laws of life.

As the needle is nerved with magnetic power by communing with the magnet, so are we nerved with God-power by converse with the I AM THAT I AM, Author of Omnipotence:

We can imbue with peace by recognizing the everpresence of everlasting Peace. We can separate ourselves unto any one force, or energy, or attribute, and by persevering attention to it, can become the embodiment of it.

Did not Simon Magus imbue himself with the levitating principle emanating from the earth, by focussing all his attention to it till he was levitated thirty feet in the air?

So he who becomes sensitive through steadfast attention to the Wisdom-Countenance ever shining upon him knows laws which the books have not recorded.

“Labor not,” shall be the risen watchward, “Take no thought” shall be the law.

Milton wrote that converse with angelic spirits etherealizes the body and turns it, by degrees, into Soul’s divine essence.

Preach to men to stand and feed in the strength of the Almighty. Preach to them to breathe in the Almighty; to wake the God-Seed by vision, by breath; for the inspiration of the Almighty waketh the understanding, stirreth the God.

Honor and fortune and knowledge are for-giveness by recognition of the Glorious Presence of Victorious Divinity. Health and strength and joy and peace cooperate as with man, by upward visioning.

High success denotes entire harmony, entire forgiveness.

“Bow down to Me, and thou shalt come even to Me . . . Take sanctuary with Me alone . . . I shall liberate thee from all sins by the resplendent Lamp of Wisdom.”

1 Thou art and there is none beside Thee, in Thine own Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience. 2 I am Thine only and in Thee I live, move and have being. 3 I am Thine own Substance, Power and Light, and I shed abroad wisdom, strength, holiness from Thee. 4 Thou art now working through me to will and to do that which ought to be done by me. 5 I am for-given and governed by Thee alone, and I cannot sin, I cannot suffer for sin, nor fear sin, sickness or death.

emerald. It was once called smaragdos and held radiations for sharpening the memory, even to the recalling of our heavenly beginnings, making us mindful of “that country whence we came out”

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

that if one had faith, which is confidence to command, no larger than the point of a needle, he could say to a dead sardine’s head, “Walk me over the water,” and it would obey

Count Puysegur of Buzancy could rouse up confidence to command a strong tree to heal all who touched it, and it meekly did his bidding

Note how universal God majesty awaits the rise of man majesty universal!

we see that Deity is no disciplinarian giving us hardships and refinements of deprivings, but a Beneficent Presence awaiting our use of everywhere-facing-Beneficence by bold insistence, like the “Glorify thou me” of Jesus; the “Prosper thou me” of David; the “Answer thou me” of Job; the “Stand thou still” of Joshua.

Tell him to speak boldly, looking into the face of the answering Substance, “Deliver Thou me from evil!” “Give me this day my super-substantial bread!” “Give me courage, confidence to insist! Bless me with life, wisdom, divine efficiency!”

Some things will never square right with man till he takes Deity at His word, “Command ye me.”

Stop talking about God and His idea man, and speak unto majestic Deity face to face! So shall majestic man arise, victoriously daring!

“Thus saith the Lord, Ask me of things to come, and concerning the work of my hands, command ye me.”

When Iamblichus of Chalcis found that the weather obeyed him, and eagles flew hither and yon at his insistence, he supposed there must be an order of obedient invisible powers in the universe, altogether at the bidding of man.

By reason of triumphs which certain men of old achieved after speaking with commanding determination to their invisible gods,

“Cease your fretful prayers, Your whinings, and your tame petitions; The gods love courage armed with confidence, And prayers fit to pull them down. Weak tears They sit and smile at.”

the illuminati of the ages have known that the will to command the Obedient Supreme Presence rises up after obedience to the will of the Supreme Presence.

Jesus gladly sacrificed Himself to call attention of mankind to the root of Divinity, the spark of identical substance with the Unconditioned Absolute inherent in them each and all.

Joshua spoke with bold commanding, “Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon, and thou Moon, in the valley of Ajalon! … So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it . . .” when Joshua spake unto the Lord. With the rise of his inborn root of authority spake he to the Willing Obedience facing him as the Omnipotent One!

free Spirit that knows nothing of defeat or poverty or sickness.

speaking boldly from my bright secret Self, I am Strength itself — I am flawless Confidence, I am Master of the willing God of my universe. This is the “opening of the lips with right things,” and all the divine forces stand ready to minister to my leaping Word.

It is the rise of the divine ego that makes a man victoriously bold. “Come boldly unto the throne,” said Paul.

“Boldness bath genius, power, and magic in it; what you can do or dream you can, begin it. Therefore be bold!” Persist like Jacob.

After this commanding manner speak ye: Let me not turn aside from facing Thee! Deliver Thou me from evil. Thou art empowering Obedience. I owe Thee bold command, 0 Thou Owner of all the kingdoms!

The symbol of this upspring is the emerald stone; stone significant of walking free from common law, unified with the miraculous, where he that would hinder thee cannot discover thee.

It has even been traditioned that Jesus wore the sardonyx stone as Ambassador Plenipotentiary for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but there is no written history for this tradition

Read the words of Zoroaster of Persia eighteen hundred years before the coming of the Anointed of the Heavenly King: “A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and a star shall appear at midday to signalize the occurence. When you behold the star, follow it whithersoever it leads you. Adore the mysterious Child, offering Him gifts with profound humility. He is indeed the Almighty Word. He is indeed your Lord and everlasting King.”

Supreme; “I will contend with him that contendeth with thee”; “No man shall set on thee to hurt thee.” “Fear not, I will help thee.” “Look unto Me.”

Authority with the universally present Divine Servant discloses authority with the particularly present divine Self, or Spirit of God vivifying each frame. “He that ruleth his own spirit is better than he that taketh a city,” wrote Solomon the discoverer of spiritual activities.

This individually present Godship is that Self which obeyed Kossuth, when he addressed his own body, seeing it as charged with an intelligent entity, saying to it whenever it fell into weakness, “Rise up strong and active; be competent to do all my work this day; throw aside pain!” It was the God charging every molecule and atom of him with competent obedience that slowly stirred from its quiescence into energetic activity, intelligently obeying his orders, making him strong and healthy for the day.

“The self of the man who is self subdued is as the Supreme Self, or God,” wrote the Theophoroi of old. The Eternal Immanence is in the present tense exactly as in the past, and the still intelligence that waits at every infinitesimal pore of our human frame, today, as yesterday, leaps into action if we command with firmness and sweet sternness. So now let us according to orders, “Upraise the self by the Self; for Self is the friend of self.”

Every night of the life, before the eyes close in slumber, the immanent Godship swelling the self with possibilities, should be commanded what work we choose ourself to accomplish, and what type of character we choose to exhibit.

The Self of ourself has a voice. Its answer is, “I can all that and more,” to every command we give it.

eternally abiding Self, quiescent, still, instinct with executiveness, waiting our firm insistence on Its action in our behalf

Apollonius realized that he must be up and about the business of managing his own Godness, and he commanded the vitality of his own mind to remember all things, and the vigor of his own heart to beat with steady hardihood. And his mind did remember all things, even its relation to Universal Spirit that raises the dead; and his heart beat so in rhythm with the universal possibilities of himself that he was able to be in two places at once, whenever it was necessary.

Paul saw that no strenuousness is called for; that truth is mighty in itself, and whoever fights for high truth has forgotten its almightiness. Lysias represents those of us struggling to sense our freedom. Paul represents those of us sensing our free estate by simple recognition of our free Divinity.

He had once had his ordinary senses entranced as in a dream, while his sense of Godness rose like an incense, and, remembering this, he told his fellow prisoners the import of their dreams, while yet his own dream was unfulfilled. He knew that truth is truth whether we are as yet embodiments of it or not.

“Thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amid the war of elements, The wreck of matter and the crush of worlds.”

Highest God and inmost God is One God.

Our own Soul, our own free Spirit forever says, in bold faith, “I am Truth, I am God — Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience.”

so there is a consciousness of God. It is consciousness as in a trance;

He who has the consciousness of God knows beyond his mind, and wakes a new kind of body, in tune with the Infinite Immortal, the Lord Supreme.

“You cannot praise Me so highly that I am not more than you praise, you cannot command Me so greatly that I cannot work by you still more greatly,” ever whispers our secret Self.

“When the mind no longer conceives itself to be the knower, recognizing that Free Spirit is the knower and the doer, then is man’s liberation from the laws of mind and matter,” intoned an illuminated Hindu sage.

“It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

It is a well-known law in some countries that certain people by putting themselves into certain attitudes of mind and sensation, which we would call the consciousness of God, can withdraw sickness and pain and disease and deformity and death into themselves, leaving the sufferer free from his sufferings. Manes, of the Manichean sect of Christians thus took the sufferings of a great many people into himself, leaving them free from suffering. Catherine of Siena withdrew many diseases and other forms of affliction from unhappy victims, into her own self, and by virtue of her spirituality made them nothing for them, and for herself also. John Joseph of Cocenza, a small city southeast of Naples, received into his own body the two terrible ulcers with which the Archbishop Michael was afflicted, and made them nothing by the chemical action of his awakened spiritual Substance.

It is only Jesus of Nazareth in the history of man, who has understood how to consciously withdraw the wretchedness of the people into Himself, and make wretchedness nothing both for them and for Himself. He did it by the consciousness of His own God Substance, His own majestic, untarnishable Soul.

Charcot of Paris discovered in the hospitals, while practicing healing by suggestion, that the malady of one person set free by his hypnotic will was found lodged in the next ward in some other patient, or even in the body of some person mentioned by his liberated patient.

Sometimes mental practitioners of today wake up in the morning with the pain of the person they have so faithfully treated, silently, with the noble affirmation, “You are Free Spirit, uncontaminated by disease or sickness.” If they are spiritually strong and healthy they throw off this vicarious bearing, but if they are not, they may keep this condition for some unpleasant length of time.

His understanding of how to be God, glowing and transfiguring through the flesh, even to the annulment of all its moral liability; and how to transfigure the mind with new light, so that no more errors could darken it; and how to be so mighty with Omnipotence that all who should recognize Him should share His mightiness. Whoever confesseth that Christ hath thus actually once come through the flesh, partakes of the coming, and is himself sent as a worker of new work, and a speaker of new words.

Jesus was the pivotal man of achievement of the humanly impossible by the identification of Himself with the divinely possible.

“For it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Whatsover we desire we are invoking it, and sooner or later it arrives upon us. Let a man draw himself to himself, and leaving all else choose what he will, and so it shall be unto him.

“Look unto me and live.” “Seek ye my face and live.” “I give life to the faint.” “And I will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.”

“Breathe toward me heavenly breath, till all this breathing form of me quickens with breath divine.”

Certain names of old were reputed to liberate the healing elixirs biding forever within the airs we daily breathe never noting their mystic offers: “Why, 0 man will ye die, having power to partake of the breath of immortality?”

there is one wind that comes from above which always fetches reviving. It is the northwest wind.

But to them that seek all their good from above every wind contains over-breaths of willing revivings or buoyant ethers of renewal.

Why should serfdom and aristocracy fight for land, or houses, or precedence, when all that belongs to either of them they may inherit by lifting up their eyes to the world that swings close, whose miracle-working winds may any time waft in miraculous new prosperings

For five stands for successful labour, and six stands for labourless success, or the miracle of The Highest ever moving hitherward.

So we have never seen a man of the Labourless Supernal order, facing the “Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings,” till the New Dispensation gave us its good news when he came toward us!

High mysticism is not a science of right thinking, or right conduct; these are strenuous labours. High mysticism is the call to look up to what the Cabala of Jewry named Ain Soph The Great Countenance of the Absolute, who ordereth thoughts and speech and conduct anew. “Behold, I make all things new,” He saith. “I will return unto that people a new language.” “They shall speak with new tongues.”

Vision often Godward and live anew.

By physical invocation the body may renew with the subtle elixirs that wait to mill within it to strengthen and uplift.

Pythagoras said that there are magic-mighty syllables making up an Ineffable Name, Key to the mysteries of the universe. Speak them as into upper ethers where the hitherto unknowns abide, and they will mill hitherward with new knowledges. “The Ineffable Name is Key to the mysteries of the universe.”

Only the Christ Jesus man ever told mankind how to quicken anew with the “life of which our nerves are scant,” and He declared that His name would stir the ether-breaths of the unseen eternal world to inbreathe with our inbreathing, as the ancients called the names of mighty warriors and wise saints and drew toward themselves their influential vigours.

“An hundred forty and four thousand, having His Father’s name written in their foreheads,” said John, which means that the right number to stir the world shall have cognizance of awakening Spirit, or Holy Ghost, or healing winds, or God breath from heaven that the name of the Lord of Life conveys.

Hither wafting breath of strength, There’s a heaven-taught way of reaping!

prayer. Did not the voice of far past inspiration declare that the name of Deity transcends prayer?

In the science of numbers, Six is significant of complete manifestation, all the faculties raised to their highest exercise.

sight upward toward the Author of strength would make manifest Undefeatable Omnipotence.

The secret that sin tells to the wise, is that by vision toward matter and mind and their laws of pleasure and pain we get caught in the wheel of destruction, but by vision toward the Highest One above the pairs of opposites, we get charged with independence of matter and mind.

To the true mystic the upward looking and the in-breath of heavenly atmospheres are volitional and scientific. He knows whence the energizing breaths come wafting their newness, and the healing elixirs come streaming with enlivening vigours, and he knows that if he is not rounded up with unkillable Omnipotence it is because he has neglected his science.

For “understanding is a wellspring of life.” Mystic understanding is strength, identical with divine strength. “I am understanding,” saith the Lord, “I have strength”; and it is written that He giveth this strength to His people.

when sin’s vast secrets uncover, mankind shall choose to breathe from above, till they all bloom as unspoilable health made visible, in comradeship with the Lord of fulfillment, and the brightness of His completeness shall not be lost to their view.

“Thou shalt lift up thy face unto God,” he said, “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.”

“By the splendour of God, I hold the soil of England in my hands!”

Paul did not round up to the six mark of unkillable Life and unbreakable Omnipotence, because of getting entangled in a downward watch toward sex differentiations, and foods suitable and unsuitable.

In mysticism we learn the law of our subtle visional sense. We find that we use our inner vision constantly, and we find that our thoughts follow its wake, and that physical conditions follow the thoughts. By knowing the law of the inward vision we follow intelligently Job’s lamentation that his thoughts were only unmanageable shadows, till his witness was in heaven, and his record plain on high.

“There is one operative virtue running through all things,” was a discovery of Cornelius Agrippa of Cologne. “All things supercelestial may be drawn into the celestial, and all things supernatural may be drawn into the natural,” was also his discovery, though the practice of drawing down the virtues ascribed to the different angels, into statues, and periapts and wafers, long antedated Agrippa’s explanation of the magical drafts men may make on the good offices of nature and of God.

Let men but volitionally lift up their eyes to the Sender of the mystic cure currents ever hailing hither-ward, and make all their drafts on these immortal streams, and the mysteries of health, and prosperity, and incessant renewal shall be revealed and experienced.

Evidently Job knew that to regard the breath he breathed as the Healing Spirit, instead of common atmospheric air, and never to speak of the outcome as anything but transforming, would fetch him out on to some upland that men who breathed just air, and called it air, would never reach. And he was right. His witness in the heavens and his breath always known by him while inbreathing it as the God breath, brought him to where he was blessed beyond his calculations, and with mysterious wisdom he knew himself well pleasing to the High Eternal.

In the name of the Great Achiever they drew their breath as the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit of wholeness, and they were transformed characters. They walked in the fourth dimension in space, and no prison walls could hold them, and no lions’ jaws could destroy them; and no former ignorance or common birth among the people who breathed common air, and sought their life from material productions could count against their being the wisest men on earth.

To be charged to overflow with irresistible miracle-working while yet manifest in the flesh, to be the radiance of buoyant joy while yet walking among the sons of men, to shed the perfume of healing and strengthening and illuminating while yet speaking with us and smiling upon us — this is the final Christian ministry; this is the bloom of full obedience to the Sacred Edict, “Look unto Me.”

Great believers in miracles draw them. George Fox, Evangelist Finney, and Dwight L. Moody, drew Pentecostal tongues, and spoke languages they had never studied.

St. Sauveur of Horta cured six thousand persons during the feast of the Annunciation, through his devotion to the healing grace his inner eye beheld and his mind so ardently decreed.

To joy in strength is to joy as in a harvest of apples that lose their flavor, or corn that moulds. For all the gifts, south with eagerness for their own sake, have their round of existence and disappearance, and those who receive them partake of the same. But thou! O Highest Original! art forever, and the manna Thou givest for the calling of Thy Name, is radiant beneficence scattering, and yet increasing, till the world is alive forevermore!

Call to the Lord of Life and Glory beyond the bars of human sense, and all the living fountains lying deep in thee shall quicken into stirring streams, and all the pent-up wisdoms that inhabit thee shall leap to meet the Universal Wisdom, shining forth as the sun with the glory of their Father.

“Thou holdest fast my name — I will give a new name.” This new name cannot be spoken without instantly accomplishing the raising of the dead or the healing of the sick, or the illuminating of the life. It can never be spoken in vain. “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain,” is a prophecy, like “They shall not hurt or kill in all my holy mountain.”

“Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily.”

He that seeks Me identifies with Me. He reigns with Me. He lives as My life, he strengthens as My strength, he understands as My understanding. What I Am he is. He calls upon My victorious Name, and whatsoever he does prospers, reminding mankind of My ever present, ever friendly, ever available Supremacy.

For I send the Healing Ghost, the Enwisdoming Breath, to him that calls My Miracle-Working Name Christ Jesus, bursting through which is the other Name, only known to them that invoke His Anointing Name.

Whatever we look toward, we come into identification with.

He that seeks Me identifies with Me. He reigns with Me. He lives as My life, he strengthens as My strength, he understands as My understanding. What I Am he is. He calls upon My victorious Name, and whatsoever he does prospers, reminding mankind of My ever present, ever friendly, ever available Supremacy. For I send the Healing Ghost, the Enwisdoming Breath, to him that calls My Miracle-Working Name Christ Jesus, bursting through which is the other Name, only known to them that invoke His Anointing Name.

But we must notice the angel. Attention is the secret of the success of the combination. We combine with what we notice. We produce something worth while by combining with the Angel of God’s Presence.

Many a great man owes even his ability to make money to the unpretentious mother or wife or child who lives in his house.

The Hebrews knew that Raphael was the angel of healing. Gabriel was the angel of comforting, Michael was the angel of good overpowering evil, Uriel was the angel of convincing doctrine.

the Greeks named the healing that worked in their bodies AEsculapius, the strength that roused up in their nerves Hercules, the sleep that rested their bodily frames Morpheus. Sleep was to the Greeks an entity. So also was health. Strength was a god by itself. All these were callable, that is, they could come by being called. The Christians united all the gods into one God, all the angelic ministries into one ministry, viz., the Sonship presence of the Universal Redeemer whose close visibility staid longer than any god of Greece or Rome was ever reported to have remained visible.

Beresford writes that some people’s secret emanations or influences are very strong, so strong that they can be photographed. Let us note that only those who have been in love with Divine Rulership ray along divine influence, doing angelic ministries, mighty in strength, flying swiftly. Calling unto the Name that smites the ethers into new activities creates new conditions.

There is a Miracle-Working Presence. It is man’s privilege and obligation to make identification with the Miracle-Working Presence, till he himself is a miracle-working presence, spilling over with new radiations as the opened flower spills over with new perfumes. All miracle workings are angelic ministerings.

It is the glory of Mystical Science that its fundamental and first instruction enjoins the exaltation of the inward visional sense, in order that exalted thoughts may formulate and immortal bodies and joyous affairs be made manifest.

“Look unto Me:” “Thine, 0 Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory and the victory, and the majesty . . . Thou art exalted as head above all .. . Both riches and honor come of thee . . . Keep this forever in the imagination of the thoughts of the heart of thy people.”

when they glanced up to AEsculapius the white god above them, who caught and held them tightly and performed even surgical operations as god of healing ever ready world without end, the sweet god’s envoy.

The Parsecs taught that every man has a rich boon destined for him, but that hardly ever any man receives his boon; he repels it, instead.

Occult vitality, or swift formulating vigour is cultivated by steadfastness of attention to the High Helper, the Supernal Giver, who evermore is saying, “Look unto Me,” — “I restore” — “I help” — “I instruct.” — I there anything too hard for me?”

“We shall all go on forever being the same persons we now are, and shall so continue forever clothed upon with the peculiar substance of immortality.”

“With right glance and right speech man may superintend the universe, animate and inanimate.”

Praise of earth’s bountiful productiveness has caused the earth to teem with plenty. Praise of gold has hurried gold in rich masses to show itself to praiseful gold seekers. Praise of labor has overrun the globe with laborers planning world conquest. Recognition is a form of praise. Description is a form of praise. Even to describe what we do not like magnifies its importance and spreads forth its capabilities.

Simon Magus experience earth’s levitating strength, when, by praising Responsive Intelligence as upward bearing strength he buoyantly rose high into the air? Did not lamblichus draw the distant eagles from their crags to come near to him, by speaking firmly and confidently to the Responsive Intelligence shining through the eagles? Does not Bjerregaard declare that the whole earth is awaiting orders to change its perpetual destructiveness?

What is truth? High praise of the lordship, the shining wisdom, the divine wholeness of every man, woman, child, animal, tree, plant, stone, star, throughout all the near and far stretching expanses, visible and invisible — this is truth. For back of each visible is divine reality. In the Hindu Lanka Vetara we read, “What seems external exists not at all.”

“I will not judge according to appearance. Noticing only the Angel of the Presence I can firmly declare, “I know you as free, wise, immortal Christ Jesus here present; neither sin, sickness, nor death, can touch you.”

“today is the day of salvation.”

“If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them,” said Jesus; and, “It is also written in your law that the testimony of two witnesses is true.”

to set the eye toward the divinity Self of the neighbor is to find its tangible beauty coming forth; and to sight toward Deity is to experience the workings of Deity. “Seek ye the Lord and his strength, Seek his face evermore,” will not be a beautiful sentence on a page, but a living fact according to high science. “Deity onlookcth thee. Onlook thou Deity. This, to thy salvation.” Or, “Look unto Mc and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth.”

we see toward what we cannot see till it arrives into our living experience.

Man may behold the face of the Father in the Eight, wrote a lover of numbers

wisdom cometh from above and the wise man casts off all shackles; that right religion leads to escape from pain, and deliverance from destruction.

“Lift up your eyes on high and behold who hath created,” said the heavenly voice to Isaiah.

The Brahmins called the Wonderful-Competent our Real Self of ourself. The Hebrews called it the Angel of God’s Presence. The Chaldeans called it the Stately Soul. The Christians called it the Christ Jesus ever present.

the True Self, the Son of the Highest is joyous, strong, imperishable

outward and objective signs always manifest when true inward viewing is married to true positive speech.

We are told to ignore untoward appearances. We are told to gather unto with undivided choice. For what we gather unto we express.

Simon Magus had his “eye red with wine” to sec the levitating principle back of the attraction of gravitation. “Lift me up,” he said, ignoring all pullings earthward. And the Responsive Centrifugal lifted him into the air.

“l will make an everlasting covenant with you,” saith the Lord. “Ask what ye will.” — “And concerning the work of my hands command ye me.”

Napoleon himself could vision men as victorious or defeated, and they would execute his views of them. He wrote to his unfortunate brother Henry: “I have seen with pain that you represent everything to yourself on the black side. Take a resolution and stand by it with your whole strength.” In other words, face something worth while.

Gregory the Great attested that St. Fridian changed the bed of a river by his strength of inward viewing, or one-pointed gaze. Dr. Gentry tells of a man who caught eczema from a picture of eczema. Hot focus of inward viewing tangiblizes. This is the genesis of the axiom, “He that findeth me findeth life.”

Odilo of Cluny understood the sign of the cross as a blotting out and rejecting signal, and when he wet his fingers and made the sign of the cross, to indicate that he would have nothing to do with blindness chalk-marked across the shining God looking hitherward, blindness immediately disappeared from the eyes of the man born blind. By the same heavenly erasive signal he refused to see the ecclesiastic’s great tumor; and it disappeared. The idiocy of a child was erased by this symbol of annulling, uttering forth from his inward viewing toward the Unspoilable Almighty looking straight into his eyes.

There is a force more mighty than mind, more potent than thought. It is the “Dayspring from on high” that falls down over the upward watch, giving light in darkness, and guiding into peace.

We are all walled into chambers of imagery, taught Ezekiel.

There is one Shining Me, the Unalterable Fundamental, the High Reality of every son of man. This is the handwriting of God. All other sights and sounds of him are fictitious handwritings, as erasable by the right process as chalk marks on a blackboard.

“Man can never behold the face of the Father except in the eighth”

“He is not Life, but Cause that Life is. He is not Spirit, but Cause that Spirit is. No descriptive fits the High Cause,”

Even objects of Nature, trees, plants, winds, waters, have been ruffianly accused of hurting powers they hold not in themselves.

Can tea make the Angel of God’s Presence nervous? Or coffee cause Divine Intelligence to degenerate? Can rum spoil the beauty of God? It is ruffianly to speak of man or item of Nature as having the power to hurt.

“Wheresoever thou lookest there I am.” Take off the world’s estimates from that face, and lo, Beneficence only!

“Drop sights and sounds; drop thoughts; drop emotions; become blank for a few seconds; then allow one positive thought to take possession. Hold the thought firmly. lt will demonstrate in time in outward conditions.”

“Look up to the fields white for the harvest.”

Some people have called that conquering central flame which can so overpower all human sensation and mental awareness The I AM of man. Some have called it The Spirit of man. This was Solomon’s name for it. Some have called it The Spirit of God. Ezra called it The Spirit of God.

Mystical Science which shows how the Secret Flame can be wooed to rise superior to all human laws physical and mental, tells of an Over Splendor of attention toward us ever wooing our attention till its likeness in us rises into Oneness with its Splendor as Undefeatable Greatness — the greatness of Unconquerable Will.

Super “I” having its location in a point back of the breast.

the Alive. I the Eternal, I the transfiguring and transforming all things by my “I decree.”

The one mystery of man’s accomplishing executiveness is that whatever he persistently recognizes and acknowledges surely comes forward and deals with him.

Did not Bhaskaranand of Benares find himself a powerful healer, after rejecting the influences of the world

“The Highest God and the Inmost God is one God”

the great Ain Soph holds hidden in the etheric silence round about your head, especially waiting for your own ears only, promising that the desire of your heart is fulfilled this day, you would tremble from head to foot with joy. You would be found declaring, “Thy word in me is joy to mine own heart. I Joy, ray forth joy. I ray forth my own I Am, I Will, I Can.”

“Labor to keep alive in your breast the spark of celestial fire, the quenchless flame”

“I will. Be thou clean”

“Stand forth, life! health! strength! Come ye blessed of my Father! It is God’s will that you stand forth strong, and glad, and free! It is my will that you stand forth strong, and glad, and free! lt is your will that you stand forth strong, and glad, and free!”

“He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast”

One to whom great works are easy, and masterful deeds simple

Mystic joy of heart that draws forth the Judah Self of the sick, is the magnetic mystery which no man on earth exhibits in the plenitude of its attractive energy, because no man puts forth from the magnetic “l” centre of his being, the “l” Jesus hand that came not to be ministered unto, but to minister.

At the magnetic Spark Centre of our being we are “the Sun of righteousness . . . with healing in his wings.”

The recognition of giant integrity waiting to be awakened annuls the disposition to condemn.

the true topaz stone, emblem of unkillable joyousness, is almost priceless in the gem markets of the world!

To this day the words, “I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts,” which David used when he faced Goliath, have something of the victorious self-executive David energized into them, even when the genesis of their energy is not noted. They are living examples of people who, though they have not set the Lord always before their faces, and therefore have not stirred the joy spark of their being, yet have been made mysteriously triumphant by repeating David’s words, “l come unto thee in the name of the Lord of hosts.” The words turned their vision to the hard problems of their life as being met by that Unseen Ally who saith, “l will contend with him that contendeth with thee.”

Magnetic gladness of heart attracts gladness of heart. This medicine divine stays waiting high watch, self recognition, joyous association with the Lord I Am of our neighbor, fearless of his hurting power, fearless of all hurting powers, heavenly hosts for antiphons

“He that overcometh will I give power over the nations.” To overcome is to come over. To come over or above our circumstances and bodily feelings, by looking above to Him ever beholding hitherward, is to identify with power above the nations and combinations of delusions, as divine magnets to the strong, glad, free Self, even of multitudes: “Great multitudes came unto him, and he healed all.”

“Him that overcometh will I make a pillar.” Pillar is strength. “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Joy gives mysterious potency to the hands visible, and to the hands invisible. To stretch forth invisible hands and touch responsive strong Spirit, and say, “Come forth!” is to go into all the world and “lay hands on,” that multitudes may come forward repossessing their own wholeness.

“And they heard a great voice from heaven, saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended.”

Thus with upward vision does the delusional age end, and the Reality age appear.

“I, if I be lifted up . . . will draw all men unto me.”

the knowing, the cognizance, the independent awareness by our own apperception, of the reality of the High Best Self of our neighbor, the great Angel of His Presence:

We appreciate that as there is but One Supreme Self in the universe, ever inviting each self to transcend itself by recognition of its own One Supreme Self, we are all brethren, because our neighbor’s One Supreme Self is our Supreme Self also. This is the genesis of the injunction to love the neighbor as the Self. It is the “Brahma Self, One Self, thou that Self,” of most ancient teaching.

Ten is the number of the Light.

Ten is the number of the memra, the secret word of the Mystic Self, the hidden Knower in us all waiting bold definite speech to coincide till the without shall be as the within.

Aristotle B, C. 384 found that there are but ten ideas in the world as there are but ten numbers. All the religions and philosophies and reasonings of the world but ring the changes on ten ideas, as all the mathematical calculations of the world ring the changes on ten numbers.

“With ten words was the world built,” reads the Zend-Avesta. The ancient Hebrews declared that Yod the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is key to the divine language some time to come forth from the “I,” hidden man of the heart, angels, authorities and powers then to exhibit themselves as forever subject unto that divine language.

The inspired Jesus of the Jewish religion offered it to the Christians, saying, “Search the Scriptures.”

How can it be told so that people will practice in-breathing those white breaths ever near us which contain the quickening of our vital interiors

“Come Holy Spirit, heavenly dove With all thy quickening powers”

a white tonic to be drawn in by the nostrils?

of forwarding our hidden lordship’s great work of transfiguring the world.

“He that standeth steadfast in his heart doeth well.”

The Hindus have for centuries maintained the non est of all external things: “What seems external exists not at all”

Coomra Sami of Thibet could make the trees and rocks and hills disappear from before the eyes of Hensoldt the level-headed German traveller. This was evidence enough to Coomra Sami that the trees and rocks and hills were the insubstantial pageant of sense delusion. But when his hypnotic spell was off the German traveller’s eyesight, the trees and rocks resumed their wonted appearance, and the centuries-old hills are still standing.

“What seems external exists not at all.”

“Man alone of all the animals knows enough to seek his highest good at the highest Source, and he looks to his Maker”

the Highest Lord and the Inmost Lord is one Lord. It shows that visioning high we vision deep toward Christ in us the hope of glory, whose is the power and the might forever.

That is, if we are steadfast to stand by the central spark I am God that never dies in our bosom, fear will take flight of itself

it is the unworded Logos ever patiently waiting for the worded insistence of each of us, without respect of persons.

At the Throne Place, the Zion Centre, our Knowing and Believing are One.

Plato spoke of a handwriting on the liver in man.

“I gave power to the Indian; I can take back the power to myself and need nothing but my own far extending right decree to cure my neighbors.”

The Holy Spirit is the radio-in-extenso of God. The Holy Spirit revives, instructs, empowers, defends. It is the radio-in-extenso of all who look to their own lnward Integrity Root and rest on its victory-shedding I Believe! I Know!

And believing is stirred by seeing. Dr. Evans the great healer, could with inner vision see so plainly the action of the vis medicatrix naturae in sick people, that he could say with bold confidence, “You are being healed.” And they would hurry into health.

He began to see in himself the action toward him of the exoneural energy of some who conceived of him as a menace to their own precedence. Having no vision toward the Unhurtable Me at his inward foundation, he perished.

Let it be nothing to us how badly or how goodly human activities are secretly or openly dealing with us. The more executiveness they show, the stronger the call for our looking to the Rock where I Believe in Myself as Undefeatable Lord of the harvest.

“No man can come to me except the Father that is within me draw him.”

“I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.” Ezra could not even speak peace in his secret heart without setting his neighbors to wrangling. The secret heart set for shining peace stirs up the cloud thoughts of men. But peace is a ruler as the sun is a ruler. “My peace I give unto you,” said Jesus. And families shall become excited, and friends shall argue, as their former thoughts begin to let go; but I will not cease calling, “Come, ye blessed of my Father!”

Looking to the sky above the sky, the Mayans of ancient days found the origin of mind. lt was a goddess. They named her by a Mayan name signifying, Mother of the Nature-Mind.

“the glory above the heavens,

And a great multitude shall speak his language; a great multitude whom no man can number; for it shall be the speech of heaven and earth as one speech, whose words shall instantly accomplish that whereunto they are sent.

Origen said Melchisedek was an angel. Martin Luther and Melanchthon said he was Shem a Survivor of the Deluge. Epiphanius said he was the Son of God appearing in human form. The Jews said he was the Messiah made visible. He brought out bread and wine to Abram, and blessed him!

“God’s sight with which He sees me is the same sight with which I see Him.”

David lifted up his hands with his eyes and caught on to the Hands of Health stretching toward him. “I cried unto thee and thou hast healed me”

The executive faculty in man is his inner visional sense. Wherever this visional sense looks other senses are pointed and insist likewise with it.

“When ye pray, believe that ye have, and ye shall have,” said Jesus.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.”

“One Presence in the Universe; therefore as I AM, I am that ONE.”

“Is it not written in your law — ye are gods,” He asked the people.

“All that we are is made up of our thought.”

“Labor not,” said Jesus. “Your heavenly Father worketh.”

“Cast all your care” — “Your heavenly Father careth”— 

“Take no thought” — “In such an hour as ye think not” — “Your (heavenly) Father knoweth.”

urge face to face recognition of Deity as Responsive Servitor.

The Holy Ghost hath a Voice.

But he having touched a law above human cause and effect came forth unharmed.

New Age —  this very age swept clean of delusions by the breath of Atman, showing our feet standing not on old earth but on a New Earth forgetting the former things as if they had never existed.

Was it not recorded that at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth the pole of the heaven stood motionless, while everything on earth which was propelled forward was intercepted, workmen with upturned faces and hands mysteriously suspended in air, and cattle strangely pausing at their fodder? Did not even the far away Chinese post it in their astronomical tables that a new star burst into the heavens at that date?

the young Dorman declared himself so identified with Omni-present Spirit, all-health, that like the ardent Sufi he felt “0 Thou I and I Thou!” This made him as “the Sun of righteousness with healing in his wings.” All who came near him sensed healing elixirs stirring in their veins, and blessed his miracle-working sunshine.

Jesus Christ holds within its claspings the Lost Word with its power to open the gates of heaven and breathe through our human frames mysterious wafts of immortality.

“I, Judah, recognizing the precious fire charging my own name as precious fire charges all names, ready to spring forth with new powers by recognition”

Kings of old sought such as could spill over or distil their knowledges into the atmospheres, to associate with the royal infants, that by psychometric encounter, or unconcious suggestion, the children of the royal house might learn easily, and thus easily outstrip all the children of the subjects of the realm.

Should a man be as rested as God he would do the works of God.

“Salute no man by the way,” said Jesus. 

Rest is relatedness to the Lord of effortless achievement. Its symbolic stone is amethyst. Rest that heals the sick and strengthens the weak is the happy arrival of one that bath chosen the God of Jacob for his strength, by choosing his name of achieving Rest — “Far above all principality, and power . . . and every name that is named.”

The symbolic stone of the happy care-free is the amethyst,

the Chinese of dim antiquity proclaim that each man is chained by a single golden thread to the flowery upper land of bliss?

holding fast by our own upward drawing cord is clue to our own self-transcending

Quotes From “Ashtavakra Gita”

that joy, supreme joy, and awareness is what you are, so be happy.

Your real nature is as the one perfect, free, and actionless consciousness, the all-pervading witness — unattached to anything, desireless and at peace. It is from illusion that you seem to be involved in samsara.

Quotes From “The Power Of The Spoken Word”

By following the super-conscious we attain the heights. In the intuition, are the pictures of eternal youth and eternal life, where death itself is overcome. We have the power to impress the subconscious mind with the picture of Eternal youth and Eternal life. The subconscious, being simply power without direction, carries out the idea, and we have our bodies transmuted into the body which can never die.

Quotes From “The Secret Door To Success”

Change your expectancies and you change your conditions.

Begin to act as if you expected success, happiness and abundance; prepare for your good.

Do something to show you expect it to come, active faith alone, will impress the subconscious.

Quotes from “The Game of Life and How To Play It”

The object of the game of life is to see clearly one’s good and to obliterate all mental pictures of evil. This must be done by impressing the subconscious mind with a realization of good.

When the subconscious is flooded with the perfect ideas of the superconscious, God and man are one.

Quotes from “Class lessons of 1888”

There is nothing higher than the attainment of the knowledge of the Self. Despising, rejecting all else, a wise man should strive after the knowledge of his real self.

All that man calls the world, is but the picture of his thought.

Quotes From “The Gospel Series”

our body is Spirit. Our body is not material substance

The constant thinking of Truth brightens and glorifies the body. Each part of the body illuminates and glistens with Spiritual radiance and beauty. This it does more and more until the whole body is transparent as crystal and shining like the sun.

Quotes from: “Resume”

Faith without works does not exist. Faith always works. It stirs boldness, confidence, to dare the seemingly impossible.