Quotes From “The Gospel Series”

Author: Emma Curtis Hopkins

our body is Spirit. Our body is not material substance; it is God-Substance. Our body is every bit of it quickened by Life, by Intelligence, and is filled with God-Substance. We are the temple of God, filled and shining with God.

“Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive the things which God hath laid up for them that love him.”

I am not here to be fed on the manna fuel generated by talk of prosperity, by talk of healed bodies, say the Divine fire which can melt my thoughts into gases. I yield all things to the Spirit of Understanding for the sake of being resolved into love. God is love.

All things are made out of words. The spoken word is the prompt creator of all things. The spoken word may be silently spoken or audibly spoken, but it is what we put into words that we experience.

Jesus Christ means Word of Truth.

“ln the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Then do not hesitate to speak of your highest ideal of Good.

“There is no opposition to Spirit. There is no opposition to Good. There is no opposition to Truth.”

I am not personality.

There is no burden on my spirit.

There is no accuser within me.

In the Good there is plenty and to spare. God is Love. Love makes your life easy.

Angels are perfect thoughts in action.

“After that, one shall come who shall not judge after the sight of the eyes, nor after the hearing of the ears, that an ensign shall be lifted up and unto it all the nations shall come.”

The veil must be rent by our own words. The delusion must be scattered by our words. Moses speaks as if the earth must do something to swing into the sunshine. “Let there be light” as if the earth were holding down her own veil. The earth is mind.

“He will destroy the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death in victory. And the rebuke of his people shall be taken away from off all the earth.”

“Without the Word was nothing made that was made.”

“My good is unmixed with evil of any kind. My God does not permit such conditions in his Kingdom.”

The stars move in their eternal pathways because mind has declared for times and seasons. They will melt and disappear because mind has decreed that they shall end.

My God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Good. My God is Life filling earth and sky and stars beyond stars.

Love is God. God is Omnipresent. Thus Love is Omnipresent. It is my idea of Good that All is Love.

‘There is none like Thee, Love of God. Thou only. None shall meet Thee to oppose Thee. Thou, for Thine own sake, work now our miracle for us.”

A miracle is easy to have, because a miracle is easy to God. God is Love. Our highest Good is Love.

God is the only Substance. This is the Truth of God, waiting to be told. Omnipresence is the only Presence. Omnipresence is God. God is Spirit. There is no other Presence except Spirit. The Truth of God as Spirit brings the might of Spirit into sight.

It is Spirit that makes health show. It is Spirit that makes greatness visible. It is Spirit that makes Prosperity. Spirit is the substance of all things. Spirit is the Life of all things. The Truth of God as Spirit told, will cause the beauty of holiness to shine forth and the sweetness and goodness of all things to smile in our faces.

It is Spirit that gives you your money.

Lay all your cause open before the Spirit. Tell Spirit that there is no failure for Her. Tell Spirit that it is in Her that you put your trust. Spirit is the Comforter. Spirit is the Holy Ghost. Spirit is the Shekinah of God. Spirit is the power of God, is the bounty of God. Spirit is the substance of God.

You are Spirit. All is Spirit. Your word is the word of Spirit. Spirit is that good that you love. Spirit is the substance which, filling your thoughts, you will see fills your heart with satisfaction. All is Spirit.

This is the full description of God: God is Life, Truth, Love, Substance, Intelligence, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience. That which we describe as God is our idea of God. We are our own ideas of all things.

But if God, the Good, is the Omnipresence, what difference does it make whether the God Intelligence that moves and fills us announces to the Intelligence without and about us that It is one with us or whether we are one with it. There is only One. That is really the strongest Truth we can tell.

The I AM is very important. The I AM is Itself the relation to God. Often this I AM speaks boldly, as though the prophets. I AM GOD! It has been found to work wonders with some gentle timid people, to let the Spirit within them announce to the Heaven without them its governorship.

To reflect a thought is to send it forth. When you sit still thinking, you are reflecting. If you are sure your Substance is Spirit-Mind, you will have a buoyant and joyous effect upon all people. Their weight of feeling and their bodily notion will fall away. An idea in the mind carries its own radiance. Wherever your thought streams there is light. If you are strong in thinking: “I am Spirit-mind — like God, and reflect wisdom, strength, holiness,” then the stream of wisdom that precedes forth from you, will be strong enough to lighten the mind greatly wherever it goes.

“God works through Me to will and to do that which ought to be done by Me.” Be sure that this is true. It is a great rest to think how many unnecessary things we have been doing that now we are relieved from doing. God who worketh to will and to do never makes us do things impossible or exceedingly difficult. “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” It is a false belief to suppose that you were made for hard work. It has been hard for people to have the idea that it was expected of them that they would wear themselves down sick or completely exhausted over anything in all the world.

God never wearies. God never works hard.

“I am governed by the law of My God and cannot sin, cannot suffer for sin, nor fear sin, sickness nor death.”

there is no such thing as our fearing sin, sickness or death, for they are never to be in our life.

Fearlessness is one sign that we have the right idea of God. To all the world announce your idea of God. If it is exactly true, nobody can be afraid in your presence, nobody can be sick, nobody can die, nobody can do wrong.

It is the right of every creature of life to be free from sin, sickness, death.

There is really no obstacle to success. There is really no obstacle to health. There is really no obstacle to life. All that seems to be obstacle is mirage. Look steadfastly through it.

The Good without and the God within are One and Inseparable. Whatever we say of our God is both without and within us, exactly as we describe it when we describe Truth. If you say, “My Good is Life eternal,” then you must know that Life is both within and without you. There is only One.

First: My Good is my God, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. My Good is my Life. My Good is my Truth. My Good is my Love. My Good is my substance. Second: I am my own idea of God and according to my idea of God, I live, move and have my being. Third: I am Spirit-Mind, like my God, and I reflect Wisdom, Strength, Holiness. Fourth: My God works through me to will and to do whatever ought to be done by me. Fifth: I am governed by my God and cannot sin, cannot suffer for sin, nor fear sin, sickness or death. I am beloved. I am at peace with all the world.

The constant thinking of Truth brightens and glorifies the body. Each part of the body illuminates and glistens with Spiritual radiance and beauty. This it does more and more until the whole body is transparent as crystal and shining like the sun.

As Mind is God, the true Mind cannot be conscious or unconscious.

The conscious thinking makes your blood. The unconscious thinking forms your body. To change the blood changes the whole body at once. We change the blood by changing our thinking. We ought to change our thinking at once if there is anything wrong with our blood or our bones.

There is perfect health in thinking along spiritual lines.

To be thinking spiritually is to be thinking truthfully. To be thinking truthfully is to be making the blood strong and vigorous. Then the flesh and nerves and bones become beautiful with health and vigor.

Perfect faith means instantaneous demonstration.

How shall faith be generated? By patience. Work is brought to pass by faith. All work of every kind is brought to pass by faith.

You can have all the Faith of God and take no faith away from your neighbor, as you can have all the Wisdom of God and take no wisdom away from your neighbor. You can have all the riches of God and take no riches away from your neighbor. There is always enough and to spare. The mere knowledge of this Principle will work out your affairs in a new and different fashion. It is a knowledge that liberates a fine white light to sift itself through you and turn and overturn all your affairs, to give free way for a new set of affairs to settle themselves.

Works are expected to be easy. As easy as breathing so should be all the works of goodness for us.

The curse of laboring for the accomplishment of good works is utterly removed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ believed in, “Labor not for the meat that perisheth,” he said. Labor not for externals.

All things that have to be labored for are worthless. Salvation is free. Truth is free. Strength is free. Support is free. Defense is free. Clothing is free. Shelter is free. We do not have to labor for any of these according to the Gospel.

Some have determined to live alone and spend all their time in meditation. They have felt that they were greater benefactors to the world by such a process than they would be by living among the multitudes. They have done great good in the world, and sometime we shall realize that much of our own freedom has come from the ideas of cleansing and peace which they have shed abroad.

People are not as they seem. They are, in truth, all glorious. We need not see them as they seem. It is for us to prepare our thoughts until Divine Beings surround us.

The Soul of you lives in a land of joy and satisfaction. Live with your Soul. You live there to your conscious mind, by hope and faith.

The free gifts of the Spirit are home, and food and clothes and friends, and all that the heart loves.

The greatest work is listening for the voice.

“Then shall Thy Light break forth as the morning and thy health shall spring forth speedily.” [Isaiah 59: 8]

Nothing is real but God. There is a spiritual body employing itself with the fullness of joy. It knows no pain, no grief, no effort. This spiritual body is ever in us and over us and around us.

No process of getting free is reliable except through the wisdom of understanding. Understanding is peace. With Me is peace. Understanding is strength. I Am strength. Understanding is joy. With Me is fullness of joy. Understanding is the ability to do all things. “There is nothing too hard for Me.”

To understand God is to be God. To understand Love is to be Love.

All things of matter and Adam are the outward picturing of ideas not true. So matter is the sign of error: its disappearance is the approach of the sight of truth.

withdrawing the thought that men and women or events ask something of us. They do not ask anything. They are nothing— not capable of asking anything of us. The rule of life shall be that there is nothing expected of us.

“I am satisfied with the bountiful goodness of God”

If thinking the way of the world has put the wall of matter, hiding which we wish to see, of course if we stop thinking badly the veil must fall. This is silence. One can be silent in thinking just as he can be silent in speaking. All things are already finished. Our home is prepared. Our happy conditions are fixed. We can see them by refusing to see false notions.

The first statement of Light is, “I do not believe in the invisibility of God.” The second is, “I do not hold the world in deception.”

As a good teacher might give us some imaginary examples, so the law of Spirit, which is our schoolmaster, puts all this power of imagination within us and says, “Imagine what you please, choose what is true, report your conclusions.”

If the intellect imagines that there must be bacteria it will find bacteria. If, then, the intellect determines that these germs do not directly cause disease, there will have to be something between bacteria and disease. The whole matter rests upon the imagination of intellect.

For instance, Hegel, the German philosopher (1770), said that the sensible world, or the world of physical sense, is an error, a delusion, void of Truth, that the being of these external things passes away like a stage show.

Collier, the English metaphysician, gave us this in his great work, Calvia Universalis (1713), which means Inquiry after Truth of the Foundations of the Universe. Herein he explains that the external world is impossible. It is nonexistent. The whole world is within the circle of the mind.

subjugation to man or woman through fear or through desire to please.

“I withdraw my accusations.”

To refuse the idea is to be free from it.

a world created by the Good, owned by the Good, occupied by the Good,

Why should we choose to imagine evil while the good is true?

There is hardly any curing outward conditions by handling their physical, visible causes. Causation is mental. “The ultimate cause of all things is invisible,” it is said. Hence there is no study so infinitely worthwhile as the study of causation. The cause of all that is, is mind. Therefore to get truly wise one should study mind. Mind is God. Thus to get truly wise one should study God.

Suddenly he knew that only by ceasing to expect to find God by any process of thinking or acting would he find God.

His journey over the roadway of effort has made him know without effort and do without effort.

The third strength is the strength of doing without effort.

The exercise thereof will leave the mind willing to stop laboring. The stoppage of effort is the line way of wisdom. To this mind the making visible of itself is the only work it does. It let its earth bring forth. It lets itself bring forth. There is a way of working that is efficient without strain.

The law is that it is faith that determines the quality of my efficiency. My faith is my poise of standing between my knowledge that now I am the Central Principle and all my thoughts are my choice, and the knowledge that all works are under the management of Principle, whether these come under the approval of mankind or under his disapproval.

there is no power can touch one while God is on his side, is to be set free by the law of the Spirit of Truth.

there is no taking from nor adding to, no helping no hurting.

The belief that there is a God ruling over Me is the origin of slavery. Even God shall have no dominion in my creed. God is freedom from dominion. God is freedom from the idea of dominion. God is freedom from the mind capable of holding the idea of dominion. God is ALL. Therefore there is no mind holding the idea of dominion.

Does the idea of freedom remind me of bondage? Must I not then lose even my idea of freedom before I am one with Him who is above freedom?

Does not the idea of virtue remind Me of vice? Must I not lose even my idea of virtue before I am one with Him who is above Virtue?

The doctrine of “Let be” held in ignorance is higher than the doctrine of “I bind you to my ideas,” in the supposition, “I am holier than thou.”

It is the knowledge that there is none but the offspring and wisdom of Omniscience. Knowing this and resting in the peace of pure knowing is the hastening baptism of Wisdom. By this baptism we are lifted away from thinking any doctrine too high for the people.

“In Thy Presence is the fullness of Joy.” [Psalms 16: 11] “For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” [Colossians 2: 9]

If I may choose which world I may walk in, I will choose the world of God. If I may bespeak who shall be my companions through the immortal spaces of life, I will bespeak princes of knowledge and goodness, and sisters of beauty and wisdom.

I will crystal out of the white Substance of God my earth of entrancing delight.

I am able to take of this tree of knowledge of truth and imagination which Moses calls the tree of good and evil, and still live on as Immortal Soul, knowing its value in God and knowing its value in Adam.

From the first your deepest sorrows were nothing. They were not put there for you to overcome, but to declare phantoms in fearless rejections.

Ask counsel of no man— I am thy Wisdom. Ask help of no man— I am thy helper. Ask friendship of no man— I am thy friend. Thy healing way is thine own way— I am thy Healer. Thy work is My work— I am thy worker. There is none can call in question the Beauty and Perfection of thy work— I am It. I am the Fame and Splendor of thy work. 

Quotes From “Ashtavakra Gita”

that joy, supreme joy, and awareness is what you are, so be happy.

Your real nature is as the one perfect, free, and actionless consciousness, the all-pervading witness — unattached to anything, desireless and at peace. It is from illusion that you seem to be involved in samsara.

Quotes From “The Power Of The Spoken Word”

By following the super-conscious we attain the heights. In the intuition, are the pictures of eternal youth and eternal life, where death itself is overcome. We have the power to impress the subconscious mind with the picture of Eternal youth and Eternal life. The subconscious, being simply power without direction, carries out the idea, and we have our bodies transmuted into the body which can never die.

Quotes From “The Secret Door To Success”

Change your expectancies and you change your conditions.

Begin to act as if you expected success, happiness and abundance; prepare for your good.

Do something to show you expect it to come, active faith alone, will impress the subconscious.

Quotes from “The Game of Life and How To Play It”

The object of the game of life is to see clearly one’s good and to obliterate all mental pictures of evil. This must be done by impressing the subconscious mind with a realization of good.

When the subconscious is flooded with the perfect ideas of the superconscious, God and man are one.

Quotes from “Class lessons of 1888”

There is nothing higher than the attainment of the knowledge of the Self. Despising, rejecting all else, a wise man should strive after the knowledge of his real self.

All that man calls the world, is but the picture of his thought.

Quotes from “High Mysticism”

“The Highest and the Inmost are one”

the True Self, the Son of the Highest is joyous, strong, imperishable

We are all walled into chambers of imagery, taught Ezekiel.

Quotes from: “Resume”

Faith without works does not exist. Faith always works. It stirs boldness, confidence, to dare the seemingly impossible.