Quotes From “The Hidden Secret”

Author: Christian D. Larson

Faith is that something in man that transcends every form of limitation and opens the mind to the limitless powers of the soul.

It is faith that emancipates the person; it is faith that unfolds the unbounded greatness of the soul; it is faith that removes the veil of mystery and reveals to man that wonderful world, that limitless world, that divinely beautiful world that is within.

faith has been the secret through which all miracles have been wrought;

There is a faith that is faith; there is a faith that can do all things; there is a faith that moves mountains, whatever those mountains may be; there is a faith that rises above every obstacle in the world and reaches the greatest heights that the mind of man may have in view;

When this faith is attained all the ills of human life must take their departure; when this faith is attained every form of poverty must vanish, never to appear again; when this faith is attained every wrong will be righted, the crooked paths made straight, and every wish of the heart satisfied.

This faith is a living faith; it is a faith that works; not a faith that simply consoles. It is not a faith that merely believes things, but a faith that does things.

Faith is not mere belief; neither is it a doctrine about anything that was, is, or is to be. Faith and belief have nothing in common; they are as different as darkness and light.

Belief is human; faith is more than human; belief knows nothing; faith knows everything.

The true faith is a spiritual state of mind; a state of mind that is very deep, very high, and beautiful beyond description. It is a State of mind that knows; and it knows, because to be in faith is to be upon the mountaintop of intelligence, wisdom and illumination.

The innumerable kingdoms of the great within are known to faith; faith knows everything that is high, everything that is perfect, everything that is limitless, everything that is supreme; faith knows because it has seen; seen with the eyes of the spiritual vision.

Faith is an attitude of mind that turns the superior sense of man towards the inner, the hidden, the unseen, the great beyond, and takes consciousness into those finer realms where everything is perfect, and far more real than that which appears to visible sight.

Faith demonstrates that the inner world is far more substantial than the outer world, and that the farther we proceed into the great within the more substantial, the more real, the more perfect and the more beautiful everything becomes.

One of the principal functions of faith is to enter the boundless and awaken the great within; and since all increase in life, power and ability comes from the awakening of a larger and a larger measure of the within, we understand perfectly why all things are possible to him who has faith.

There is a life within that has no limit; it is the life more abundant the life that every awakened mind has sought with heart and soul; it is the life from which all great things proceed; the source of everything that has real value and high worth.

Faith opens the mind to the influx of limitless life, and every atom in one’s being becomes filled with this life.

Faith does not dwell apart from things, but works through things, giving to all things an abundance of the unbounded power from within.

Faith does not work apart from intellect, but gives soul to intellect; illumines the intellect with higher wisdom; inspires the intellect with greater possibilities; permeates the intellect with a power that mind can never measure.

By entering this superior state of mind one will live perpetually in the light, and thereby eliminate all mistakes from daily existence. And he who enters faith enters this superior, illumined state.

The love that loves everything with real love also comes from the wonderful within; likewise, purity, virtue, kindness, harmony, joy and the peace that passeth understanding. All of these may be obtained in boundless supply through the living of life in faith.

Every form of health and wholeness, and all perfect conditions of mind or body have their origin in the within;

Whatever we may require for attainment, advancement, or the enlargement of life, we may secure from the great within; and since faith is the royal path to this marvelous realm, we understand again why all things are possible to him who has faith.

one can increase its power without end; and as the power of faith is increased, by having more faith, the expression of life will increase, and everything that comes from life will increase.

The life of man is large or small in proportion to his faith, because it is through faith that he touches the source of life and receives life.

all the attainments and achievements of man are large or small in proportion to his faith.

Faith opens the mind to the unbounded power from within and creates in mind the conscious realization of that power. When you are in faith the power that you feel is so great that nothing seems impossible; you feel strong enough to do almost anything, and what you feel is the truth.

You can do anything while you are absolutely in faith, because while you are in faith you are in a world where unlimited power is at your command.

There is a world of limitless power; that world is within us and all about us, but in ordinary consciousness we are not aware of its existence;

The fact that we live and move and have our being in a world of unlimited power, that we can become conscious of this world through faith, and thereby place unlimited power at our command the fact that this is the truth is a fact so extraordinary, so far- reaching and so enormously important that it should be proclaimed with a loud voice to all the world; and not a single soul should live another day without hearing this wonderful message proclaimed.

To live in faith is to live a larger and a greater life perpetually, because it is the nature of faith to enlarge, expand and develop everything that pertains to the mental and spiritual life.

the fathomless depths and the immeasurable heights contain worlds within worlds; all real, all substantial, all perfectly safe for mind to enter and explore.

Every faculty of the mind can be enlarged and expanded indefinitely; there is no end to the possibilities that may be unfolded and developed through the enlargement of the various faculties of the outer mind; even the physical senses may expand their spheres of action far beyond the widest stretches of the imagination.

faith expands consciousness; in fact, it is only through faith that consciousness may be expanded.

Do not simply speak the word of truth, but have faith in the truth and the truth shall make you free.

we must have faith before we can become conscious of the new, the larger, the better, the higher, the spirit of things, is very evident when we realize that it is faith alone that goes out upon the seeming void; it is faith alone that breaks bounds and demonstrates the existence of a greater life; it is faith that takes the first step forward always, but wherever faith may go, consciousness invariably follows.

to awaken the great within, and develop the unlimited possibilities that are latent within us, faith is the hidden secret.

no soul- unfoldment or spiritual development is possible without faith;

to have faith is to open the entire human personality to the coming of those higher powers of the soul that have healing on their wings.

No disease can remain in the system after these higher spiritual forces have come forth into mind and body; and whenever the real, interior faith is entered into, these forces are awakened with all their purity and power.

When disease threatens, have faith; and have faith in faith; feel the very soul of faith in every atom of your being and the healing power of the soul will fill your system through and through.

Faith is the hidden secret to the power that can do all things; therefore, to have faith in faith is to enter the hidden life of that power;

the attitude of faith elevates mind above all confusion, doubt, fear, uncertainly and limitations, and actually illumines the entire mental domain.

He who lives in faith will not only increase his ability, and the power that does things, but will also acquire that rare and most excellent faculty of doing the right thing at the right time. Faith does develop higher mental insight, thus giving mind the power to act with real wisdom, keen judgment and superior understanding.

to enter faith is to gain possession of the highest truth about everything.

Faith ignores all the limitations of objective intelligence and enters the larger mental world of superior intelligence;

As we grow in faith the finer creative energies increase in power, because the more faith we have the more power we receive from within; we thereby promote the development of talent, genius and rare ability on an ever- increasing scale.

since faith always promotes the ascension of consciousness, superior mental quality will invariably follow the attainment of faith.

When we understand the inner meaning of faith, and realize that faith is the hidden secret, the mere thought of faith will take the mind into faith; while in faith the mind is opened to the unbounded powers that come through faith, and all limitations and seeming impossibilities disappear from consciousness completely.

When we exercise faith, all doubt, all fear and all anxiety are absent;

Faith never pays any attention to appearances; faith has information from a higher source; faith knows that all things are possible now, because to be in faith is to be in that power that can do all things now.

The principal reason why faith sometimes fails is because we exercise faith in some things while we have doubts about others.

It is the faith that has faith in all things and at all times that is real faith; and it is the faith that has faith in the full faith that makes all things possible.

Have faith in yourself and you will always be at your best; you will constantly express the best that exists in your conscious nature, and your work will be the result of your greatest capacity and highest efficiency.

Faith is the hidden secret to greatness, because faith takes man into the inner life of that power that produces greatness. Therefore, he who has faith in himself may become anything, attain anything and accomplish anything.

To have faith in yourself is to feel the life and power of that something within yourself that is limitless; that something that is created in the image and likeness of the Supreme.

When we have faith in man we enter into the most harmonious relations with the better side of man; we mentally live with the real man, the superior man, the true man. We consequently will think, not of human weakness, but of the supreme power and the divine life that exists in man.

What we constantly recognize in others we develop in ourselves; and we steadily grow into the likeness of that which we think of the most.

He who has the most faith in mankind has the most friends and the best friends; he receives the truest love from the largest number, and the best that the world can give will constantly flow into his life.

Have faith in the world, and the wrongs of the world will be righted. Have faith in everybody, and you inspire everybody to have faith in everybody; and when everybody has faith in everybody, sin, sorrow and sickness will vanish from this planet.

There is nothing that will smoothen the pathway of life, and harmonize all the conditions of life more perfectly and more rapidly than a full, strong, living faith a faith that has faith in everybody and in everything.

Faith lives in the superior world, and to enter into faith is to enter that world.

the power of faith is invincible. Faith is in touch with the world of unbounded power, therefore can do all things.

To be in this state is not only supreme joy, but it is to be in a state of superior wisdom, superior ability and superior power.

To find the hidden secret of faith the principal secret is to have faith in faith.

The mind that is constantly seeing the greater is constantly entering into the greater, and is therefore eternally becoming greater.

Faith enlarges all the faculties and spheres of action in the mind of man, and expands consciousness to such an extent that it perpetually breaks bounds and penetrates even those realms that objective man has never known.

Nothing is accomplished without faith, because every step taken in advance must be preceded by the faith that it is possible.

the intellect never goes where faith has not first revealed a new world of possibility to study and explore.

faith believes because faith knows.

Faith lives in the spirit and knows that anything that man may ask for is already in store for him.

Have no fear to begin any good work, no matter how great and extensive it may be; all the essentials will be supplied; your prayers will be answered if uttered in the spirit of faith.

The nearer we feel we are to the higher realms the more fully we are conscious of what exists for us in those realms; and the more we are conscious of the more we receive, because whatever we become conscious of that we bring forth into possession and expression.

When you realize the presence of this power you feel that you are something more than human; you feel that you are not only a genius, but that you are a giant in mind and soul: you feel that there is a supreme something within you, and this something thrills your entire being with the conviction that nothing is impossible;

To secure more power do not try to force the power you may already possess, but enter those higher spiritual realms, through faith, where power is limitless; and when you enter that state your thoughts not only become enormously strong, but thinking becomes so smooth and so gentle that you think the most wonderful thoughts and the most powerful thoughts, even without any effort whatever.

we offer eternal thanksgiving because we are blessed with the privilege of existence; a privilege so great, that to live simply to live that is sufficient.

this life is not for some future state of existence; this life is for today; and faith is the perfect way; faith is the hidden secret to the marvelous splendor of the cosmic state.

To train ourselves to live in these beautiful serene realms, where simply to live is everlasting joy, we must learn to be still; never to force anything, but to so live that we constantly depend upon infinite power to come forth and do what the heart may desire to have done.

It is while living in this state that we feel the real presence of higher power invincible power; and it is by giving full and free expression to this power that we transcend all limitations and demonstrate the great truth that all things are possible.

To enter faith, turn mind upon the inner side of life, and mentally dwell upon the inner reality that permeates all things. This reality may be termed a shining reality because it is the very essence of light, purity and perfection. When you are in faith your mind actually enters into this essence, and thereby awakens the unbounded life that absolute reality contains.

It is for this reason that faith can see you through anything; no matter what your obstacles or difficulties may be, simply have faith; faith will see you through. Live in the faith that everything is coming the way you desire, and as your faith is, so shall it be.

Do not permit fear or doubt to enter mind when things fail to look as bright as you may wish; judge not according to appearances; have faith; faith can change anything in your favor, and turn everything to good account for you. When faith seems to fail, have more faith; and have more faith in faith; you will thereby produce a turn in the lane, because faith can produce anything; faith opens the mind to limitless power, therefore, we can never doubt the power of faith.

When in doubt, have faith, more faith; enter into the very soul of faith and what you have been waiting for shall immediately appear.

The man who fears looks upon the lesser, thereby becoming lesser for every passing day; the man who has faith keeps the eye single upon the larger, thereby entering the path of perpetual increase.

Faith is the hidden secret to all supply, and he who enters faith, by having faith in faith, will find the world of limitless supply.

What you do not understand leave to faith; faith is the hidden secret to all understanding, and by having faith in faith, the secret of everything will be revealed to you.

Since faith is the hidden secret, to enter into faith is to enter into this same secret; henceforth, nothing will be hidden from you.

To him who lives in faith there are no problems; life is clear, the purpose of life is clear, the law of living the life is clear, the path to endless ascension in life is clear everything is clear; and it is also clear that all things will be according to the measure of faith.

Faith knows; faith is not blind; faith is in the real light and sees everything; faith is never misled, because it is a superior vision, a keener insight and a higher understanding. It is therefore safe to follow faith, and whenever we follow faith wherever faith may go, whatever comes will be good very good.

When you have obligations to meet, bills to pay, and have not the essentials required, have faith; never worry nor feel anxious for a moment; know that faith can open to you the realms of limitless supply, and know that faith will do this if you have faith in faith.

Faith never fails when you enter into the soul of faith while having faith; this is one of the greatest of all truths; and the man who accepts this truth will have unlimited power placed at his command.

Have faith, and whatever you may undertake to do, that you shall surely accomplish. Limitless power cannot fail, and faith opens the mind to that power.

Faith is interior understanding; faith can look beyond the world of sense and see things as they are; faith can see what is in the real, what can be done through the realization of the real, what ought to be done to express the real, and how this may be done now; or what should be done now to work up to the high ideals we may have in view.

If you wish to realize your ideals follow faith; faith will guide you perfectly, and provide everything you may require to reach your lofty goal.

Faith proves that the great unknown is unknown only to those who have not begun to live the larger life; but to follow faith is to enter the new life, because faith goes on and reveals the wonders and the powers of the larger spheres of existence; not simply those spheres that may exist beyond the scope of sense, but also those spheres that exist all about us, here and now, within the very world of sense.

To try to become conscious of something that is beyond the present capacity of consciousness, produces a shock to the mind; a fact that everyone knows who has tried to comprehend the universe with the limitations of the personal mind; but when the mind works and thinks in faith, consciousness expands constantly, naturally and of its own accord, thus producing perpetual and normal growth of mind.

To understand the universe, to understand God, to understand life these things are impossible without faith; to try to do so simply shocks the mind; but in faith these things are readily understood without the slightest mental effort. High truths come as clear, vivid revelations to the mind that thinks in faith.

It is not the function of faith to blindly accept, but to give man the wisdom, and the power to do greater things. Real faith goes to work, but asks no questions about results. Faith knows that all is possible now, and acts accordingly. Faith enters the larger life and takes up the greater undertakings as if there were no obstacles, and discovers that obstacles cannot exist anywhere.

The only semblance of obstacles that can be found are the limitations that we believe to exist within our own conscious actions. Consciousness goes out so far, reaches so far, and where it ends today we imagine our obstacle to be. We fear to go on farther because beyond the reach of present consciousness there seems to be nothing. There seems to be nothing because we have not gone on any farther to see; but when we follow faith and press on, we find the seeming void to be solid rock.

Faith knows that the obstacle we think we see is an illusion; it does not exist in reality; it is only a belief produced by our inability to reach any further than we do; but faith dispels this belief; faith leads consciousness on in every direction, and proves to mind that we may go as far as we like anywhere, we shall find substantial footing everywhere, without a single obstacle in the way.

Faith gives invincible power to everything; faith is the hidden secret to all power; therefore, to enter faith is to enter the secret of faith, and the secret is hidden from you no more; the great within is opened before you, and unlimited power is at your command.

“Come where glory waits thee,” this is the call of faith; not in some other sphere of existence, but here and now. Follow faith, and you shall enter greatness and power, wealth and glory, wisdom and genius, worth and superiority, peace and joy.

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